May 19, 2009

Three posts in a day? (IUI # 3 Update)

Well, I am just trying to stay positive… honestly, half the time I forget that I am on an IUI cycle (specially with no injections right now ;)). I so want this (cycle) to work, but the last two failures have numbed me and I seem to be focused on to a (future) IVF!

The insemination went well… it felt like just another day… I was not anxious at all, like I have been the last two times. Since I had more follicles this time (than IUI # 2), my current symptoms match IUI # 1 (with multiple follicles). I am bloated and my ovaries hurt… though I am trying not to think much about it! I go in for progesterone check tomorrow… (going by the progesterone level the last 2 times) the RE will probably put me on Prometrium (like IUI # 2… since that worked better than a second Ovidrel shot for IUI # 1)! Hooray for 2ww!

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  1. Good luck! I hope your wait goes quickly and gives you the results you want!