May 14, 2009

IUI - Cycle # 3 Progress

IUI # 3 insemination 1 & 2 happens this weekend. I was on 75, 75, 75, 100, 100, 100, 125, 125, 125, 125 IU of Follistim for the last 10 days. I will be taking Ovidril tonight and going to the other clinic location which operates on the weekend (different and farther off from my regular one) tomorrow. During today's u/s, I had 2 follicles in my right ovary (18 & 13 mm) and a couple of 11-12 mm in the left ovary. My RE prefers going low and slow on the dose because of (my) PCOS. However, that resulted in to just 1 follcile during second IUI. I guess, technically you just need 1 "good" egg to do the trick, but it sucks when you have already had 2 failed IUIs. So I ended up speaking with my RE to see if we could be a little bit more (of course reasonably) aggressive this time... last time I took 75 IU of Follistim every single day except for the last 2 days, when I took 125 IU! The increased dose for IUI # 3 did not really shorten the cycle (I have been on Follistim for 10 days starting at CD3 the last 2 cycles as well), it seems to have slightly increased the number of potential babies. My Estrogen was 787.
The u/s was performed by a different RE (from group of docs at the clinic)... he is one of the founding members of the practice and I had never really interacted with him before. So, I was a little curious to see how things went.... He entered w/o knocking the door (I could hear him outside and of course I was ready... so I wasn't really startled!)... exchanged a few pleasantries and then swiftly moved my cover/paper blanket (or whatever it is called) up (I was a little startled then), the probe went in equally fast as well! With his quick actions... I actually lost track of the follicles (hence the "couple" of follicles in left ovary (mentioned above)). He started asking me as to why I am not going for an IVF. During our conversation he also went on to say that with the number of potential follicles I have, there is a great risk of multiples with IUI, and as much less "torture" (yes, he used that word to imply IVF) as they would want me to go through, I would probably produce a lot of eggs for IVF (which has approximately 80% chances of success at my age at this clinic (assuming other things are okay besides PCOS) as compared to 20% with IUI). He also mentioned that at my age probably 50% of the eggs are probably already bad... which adds up to the BFNs for IUI!!! I mentioned to him that I have an appointment with my RE to discuss IVF and that is probably going to be our next option if this IUI doesn't work!
I was not very pleased with his bed side manners, however I was very impressed with the amount of time he spent with me and the way he answered my questions! Gives me lots of hope for IVF! :) So for now... IUI # 3... here we come! Will this be the lucky cycle!?!


  1. Hoping this is YOUR IUI cycle and the issue of IVF will just be an afterthought! Sorry he was less than nice but at least he did provide some good answers...