May 29, 2009

Is 3 a charm? ...BFN

I got up at 5 am this morning for my prometrium suppository and couldn't stop myself fom POAS. So I do my deed and I wait and wait, squint and squint some more, move my head around - rotate the pee stick! ZILCH - BFN! Yes, may be the pee stick didn't recognize the small amount of HCG... though I doubt thats the case. I was 2 days away from beta when I POAS... more than likely the beta is gonna be BFN too!

I had several dreams last night that I had a BFP! In one of the dreams (right before I woke up) my FIL comes and tells me I had a baby boy! Why would I not know what I had? Anyhow, I have learnt that dreams dont dictate reality! I somehow ended up going back to sleep w/o being much dissapointed. As soon as my DH got up in the morning I updated him. My dissapointment was curbed because I had something to look forward too - our IVF consult. I am happy with our discussion with the doctors. I will put up another post with all the information we gathered during the consultation. We signed our consent forms as well. And oh yeah... my RE thinks that if POAS was BFN (so close to beta), then more thank likely, beta will be BFN too.

IVF here we come!

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  1. aww hon I'm sorry, I'm glad your IVF consult went well though.