May 5, 2009

SS Rice Cooker - A Healthier Choice?

Lets say we are pretty regular on our rice consumption. Fortunately, we like brown rice and that's what we eat! I have always made my rice in the microwave, its quick and comes out perfect. However, in an attempt to get healthy, I decided to reduce my microwave consumption. One can find gazillion article on the web about how bad microwave can be for ones health. True or not, microwave is not the "natural" means of cooking food and hence I started looking for an alternate means - rice cooker. Now, unfortunately all the rice cookers available in the market have non-stick coating on them... which is again supposed to be bad for you health (and if not, at least un-natural - more so than steel as per what we humans have figured out thus far). So in my quest to find a rice cooker with a stainless steel container, I came across: Miracle ME81 ( It can be found for the cheapest price at Amazon ( I am pleased with it!

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