May 11, 2009

New symptoms/side effects every cycle…

I have gotten used to getting new symptoms/side effects every cycle. I have been on mental over drives of (over) analyzing each symptom/side effect, and figuring out what it means and how it could impact my success rate that cycle, several times thus far… and I think I am now reaching a point where I seem to be kind of ignoring them and just doing my usual stuff. However, some of the occurrences are absolutely unexpected and new.

The other day, I got up in the middle of the night to pee (Sorry if TMI)… and I felt very uncomfortable. Within a few seconds I felt dizzy and weak, and then felt flushed… I guess I experienced a hot flash! I felt extremely hot and started sweating. In a matter of minute or so, that turned into extreme chill (I guess sweat is supposed to cool you down)… this feeling passed away in a few minutes. I got in to the bed and drank a ton of water (I had to send DH to the kitchen to get me some more). This has never happened to me before. It seems that this is a side effect of Follistim.

The day following the night sweat, I had muscle spasm in my left hip. It continued for 2-3 hours and then disappeared, again to reappear the next day in my left hip, back of the left thigh and close to my left big toe. This continued for some time and again disappeared! I have never had such repetitive and long muscle spasms before. I mentioned this to my Acupuncturist. She added a few points to the routine to help ease that and asked me to let her know if this repeats. I did feel a few spasms in both my legs during the acupuncture session, but I was too dazed to really register it well.

I wonder what lies ahead!

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