May 30, 2009

Just a little...

After the IVF consult on Friday, my nurse decided to reschedule the beta test from Sunday to Saturday! I guess she wanted to lessen my anxiety of waiting for beta (after BFN @ HPT).

So, I went in this morning for b/w... and got a call back this afternoon. The test is not negative! The HCG value is 8.6 and they normally like to see at least a 50 by this time in the cycle! So, I am just a little pregnant!!! I am supposed to go in again on Monday for another beta test. Not sure how viable this pregnancy is. But I am very happy that we at least reached this far! I see some hope for the future! :) For now, we are hoping and praying for the best and I am continuing the Prometrium suppository. I feel more cautious than excited!

For the symptoms this cycle: Besides the regular bloating, twinges etc (during/after medication)… My have been super soar (like never before), I have had a consistent head ache and leg pain. Two days ago, nerves on my started showing (just a little bit… something I had never noticed before). Last Monday, I had severe cramping twice in my uterus which lasted for a minute or two… the pain started from my uterus and went all the way down to my groin area. The pain/cramp was so sharp that I was breathless and felt disoriented. This had never happened to me before!


  1. fingers crossed that your numbers triple..oh and you're not missing anything as far as the opk's go....btw ive peed on myself 2x you DEFINATELY aren't missing a thing LOL

  2. oh, sweet thing! I TOTALLY understand how you must be feeling. we are in the same boat - I hope and pray for you - that you get out of this beta limbo land soon.

    I think maybe you did test early - especially since you were supposed to take the beta tomorrow.

    I will be praying and anxiously awaiting more news..

  3. Here's hoping and praying that MOnday's beta will double nicely!!

  4. hi - any news today on the beta? hope all is well. I see that you had a very informative IVF appt.