October 27, 2012

Hello from the 2.5 year olds! :)

Hello there... Has it really been over 6 months?  As cliche as it may sound, time has flown by... and I have not had much motivation to write!

I have enjoyed being home with the twins, but I feel the urge to step out and get active part time.    In an attempt to re-discover myself, I have taken upon myself to loose some weight.  I have lost approximately 17 lbs in 5 months, which is no where close to my pre-pregnancy weight... but better late than never!  I was brisk walking 2-3 miles at least 3-5 times a week... the weather has been a damper (excuses ;)).  I need to get our treadmill working so I can start doing my routine indoors.  I am also eating a lot of salads and less/low carbs... which has helped a lot!

Few of our highlights...
-RT is completely potty trained (we still have night diaper on though); RM is done with pee-pee, but holds his poop till he has woken up in the morning or after a nap, and goes in his diaper/pull ups; We do not wear any pull ups or diapers when we are going out!
-We have two bilingual chatter boxes here.  They can easily switch between English and our native tongue.
-We still sleep in our cribs.  Ever since RT took a dive on to the floor just after they turned 2, they haven't really tried hoping across the railing.  I am hoping we can get over naps and do the transitions!  In which case I wouldn't have two bouncy kids running around their rooms multiples times in a day.  I am sure I am speaking too soon! :)
-We still do a 1-3 hour nap.  Though, we can very well skip a nap... but that usually leads to tired and fussy evenings.
-We are still going to the Y for their enrichment programs... 2-3 times a week.  We will most likely continue with this till they turn 3.  I feel like they are getting the social/educational exposure that they need at home and outside... and we can wait a little before starting school.
-RT finally switched over to straw sippy at 2 years (our third attempt).
-We have done a lot of fun stuff (fairs, zoo, museum, beaches, mountains, farmers markets, amusement park, weekend trips) this summer... things they remember and appreciate.  Whave finally reached a stage where we can spend time away from home and not have to worry about night time sleep.

With Sandy approaching... everyone stay safe!