May 26, 2010

2 Months!!

My heart melts to see these babies grow up so fast! They are 2 months young today! Time has been flying by! They both keep changing every day and I sometimes wonder if that is how it will be all their (young) life. They surprise me with a new sound, with a new look, with their strength, with their personality. They are little charmers!

Here is an update for RM (baby boy) and RT (baby girl)...
-They pretty much hold their neck.
-They love being outdoors (especially RT... she gets super excited when she is outside).
-They gulp down anywhere between 3 to 6 oz of milk. And consume up to 30 oz of milk every day.
-They cluster feed in the evening and then go with a stretch of ~6 hours of no feed/sleep! Rest of the feeds are still 3 to 4 hours apart.
-RM smiles and smiles and smiles... it is hard not to find him smile! He has gone from a demanding baby to a smiley baby! The only time he cries is when he is hungry... so is the case with RT. Though, RT has recently started truly smiling in the last 2 days.
-RM is on the apnea monitor only when he sleeps at night! And the monitor will be off after his shots.
-Both of them will be getting their 2 month shots (first round of vaccinations) on June 4th!
-RM is super active... he does not like to be held very close... he likes to check out stuff. RT is super cuddly! She will snuggle in and can stay with you forever!
-They have transitioned in to their nursery. The first night (May 18) they slept in their nursery, it felt like a mini-graduation (I had to cry!).
-They both have started interacting with folks around them! They will try to make some sound to gather attention.
-RM loves his swing and RT loves her rocker (especially to check out the view outside the window).
-They doze off as soon as they sit in their car seats. At least as of now, they sleep through car rides. Though, we haven't had super long rides yet!

May 15, 2010

Smiles :)

Our babies are smiling! Well, they kind of started smiling at around 1 month... but it still felt very involuntary... and then recently they have been all smiles! It is hard to say when exactly they started smiling... but it has been between week 4 and 7... and I can't stop looking at them. They are the best smiles ever!

May 5, 2010


Our babies are almost 6 weeks old! Time is flying by... they are getting bigger day by day (RM weighed 8 lbs 5.6 oz and RT weighed 8 lbs 11.4 oz at their 1 month appointment... their next appointment is at 2 months - they get their vaccinations then (they have had none till now))... interacting more day by day! They absolutely do not fit in to their newborn outfits or newborn diapers!

RM has his Apnea monitoring appointment this Friday (after 1 month of monitoring)... we are hoping that he doesn't really need to be monitored (at all or as much) and he can get off of it pretty soon... he is not too fond of the belt (with the monitors on it).

I also have my 6 week OB appointment this Friday. I will be getting a prescription to check my blood sugar (GD) again! We will also be discussing how we are going to manage my PCOS! Keeping it under control naturally would be the best option... if that doesn't work I might have to go back to BCP (which I am not very fond off). I guess, I am also allowed to be a normal human being after 6 weeks. Though, I still don't feel like it yet. Mostly with my bones and joints. I am so stiff and sore most of the time, that I wonder when I will feel like my normal self! I am considering getting some massage... there should be some postpartum massage?! My OB had mentioned that I was okay to drive around after my 2 week appointment. So I started driving at around 3 weeks... that was after 4 months of not driving. It felt weird... it felt like I was visiting an old place I had driven around several years ago.

I celebrated my birthday this (past) weekend... we were home with the babies... it was nice to just stay back and relax with my greatest gifts in life! That reminded me of my birthday last year... the day before (the "birthday"), my nurse had called to tell me that my 2nd IUI cycle had failed! Things have changed so much in the last 1 year! That brings me to the point as to whether we will TTC again. From what we had discussed before, I don't think we will be going that route. I do miss all the kicking and movements... the feeling that I was growing two babies in me! But, with all that I have been through (IF (IUI/IVF), Subchorionic Hematoma (@ 8w), GD (@ 14w), and Shortened Cervix, Contractions, Bedrest (@ 24w)) I was constantly on the guard and scared, I cherish this (current) phase more than anything else in life! RM & RT are our greatest blessings and we are a happy family of 4!

Dr. Google

I have realized that I no longer consult Dr. Google as much as I used to! During the IF cycles, I looked up every darn thing I could think of... from medications, to side effects, to symptoms, to studies, to statistics... it seemed like knowledge was power!

But right now, I don't seem to look up stuff. It's not that I am no longer inquisitive. It's just that some times I really don't know what babies are doing or feeling. There could be several things that could pop up if I consulted Dr. Google and that would probably make me uneasy! So right now my consultation with Dr. Google happens only after I speak with the Ped! And it is amazing how many times I have called the Ped with some small basic questions! And even more amazing than that is that most of the time our conversation revolves around poop and pee! :P