May 5, 2010

Dr. Google

I have realized that I no longer consult Dr. Google as much as I used to! During the IF cycles, I looked up every darn thing I could think of... from medications, to side effects, to symptoms, to studies, to statistics... it seemed like knowledge was power!

But right now, I don't seem to look up stuff. It's not that I am no longer inquisitive. It's just that some times I really don't know what babies are doing or feeling. There could be several things that could pop up if I consulted Dr. Google and that would probably make me uneasy! So right now my consultation with Dr. Google happens only after I speak with the Ped! And it is amazing how many times I have called the Ped with some small basic questions! And even more amazing than that is that most of the time our conversation revolves around poop and pee! :P

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