April 25, 2010

One Month!

Our babies are 1 month young! This seems surreal!

I was on bedrest for 3 months and that seemed long... and this 1 month has just flown by! I can hardly remember how the bedrest was (though the after effects still persist)!

Some of our highlights...
*We are awake a lot more than we used to be (sometimes 3 hours at a stretch).
*We admire each other when we are awake (together) and wonder how we fit in Mama's belly!
*We are almost holding our neck (for a brief period)!
*When we are awake, we will track you with our eyes.
*We have a few toys which are bright red in color, we love staring at them and try to reach them!
*We love massage and bathing/sponging.
*We love staring outside the bright window in our bedroom!
*We take ~3oz of milk during every feed (every 2-3 hrs).
*We hate stuffy diapers, yet we hate to change them!
*We are growing out of our newborn outfits!
*We love to snooze around in our Boppy.
*We love our grandparents a lot and would like to thank them for helping out our Mama & Daddy!


  1. Oh sweetie, I love your updates! I still didn't manage to send you what I wanted to send you but I'm on it! Much love, Fran

  2. Happy 1 Month! Won't be long until the smiling starts, you won't believe how much more amazing it gets!

  3. Yay for the update! Happy One Month Birthday kiddos...keep up the great progress.

    Hope you are doing well managing with two, BB!

  4. Oh my, so old already! I'll second the "yay for the update!"