October 25, 2011

19 months!

Happy 19 months (@ Oct 26th) my little ducklings!!

We are big people who like to hold conversations! The highlight of this month is how much they are talking!

-RT has spoken on the phone with my parents for as long as 8 minutes! Answering questions in one word, saying words when prompted... with lots of gibberish along with it (of course)!

-At one time when RT was crying... RM went ahead and kept asking her "what" (as in what happened), caressing her, kissing her (trying to pacify her)... this went on for a minute or so.

-They are identifying food objects and demanding more of it verbally. Their hot favorite is "kak-kak" - that's how chicken goes!

-Peek-a-boo is called as "PeePaa" by RM. It is the cutest thing! :) He is a big copy cat, and will imitate and repeat random stuff after you!

-RT is a very observant little girl... she knows exactly where the laundry goes (after changing their PJs in the morning); she will grab our diaper bag when we are heading out; she knows what clothes are her own and which ones are her brothers. Once while waiting at the doctor's office, I was showing her a very densely filled cartoon sketch, and she could identify a small fish, dog and bird amongst all the cluster literally with in a fraction of a second!

-Body parts they can identify and pretty much say out loud are: elbows, shoulders, knees, fingers, tongue; besides the heart, head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, chin, cheeks, belly, belly button, hand, legs, buttocks, peepee! They can co-relate and identify most of these body parts on other animals and other creatures as well. RM tries to show a tail (pronounced as "Tae") on his rear! :)

-They can identify and try to pronounce (call out) or at least try to make sounds of: tiger, lion, monkey, giraffe, zebra, elephant, kangaroo, monkey, dog, cat, sheep, lamb, rabbit, cow, horse, fish, duck, turtle, frog, chicken ant, bee, owl, eagle, penguin, ostrich, butterfly... and I am sure I am missing out on some.

-They can also identify (shapes) star, circle, triangle and square. They love to gaze at stars and moon in the sky and can identify them in the books!

-"Happy" (Happy birthday to you...) is one of their favorite songs, so we celebrate birthdays several times in a day. "Whee" (Wheels on the bus...) is the other favorite song which gets repeated several times as well.

-They still don't call out to each other. Their names are not the easiest, and they start with "R" which is not always the easiest letter to pronounce.

-Stairs are climbed like big people (by holding on to the side railings). They hop on to couches as if we were born doing that. Jumping has been mastered long back. We are constantly attempting somersaults. RM loves to climb up on things and jump off it.

-After strictly following the guidelines of not putting anything in the cribs, for like ever... we introduced these cute little teddy bears (in preparation for the vacation).

-For the most part both are announcing their poopoo (mostly after the act, and some times before)!

-We have watched a LOT of tv in the last week. With our viral infection, there was no other way I could keep things sane (for the kids and us). We are in love with EMO (that's how we call Elmo).

-With the high fever and all the after effects for RM, things were pretty out of control. RT started getting insecure because we had to pay more attention to RM, on top of it RT started showing some signs of the viral. Plus we lost our sippy - RT is back to bottles! :( The one and only sippy that worked for RT, broke! And we had the virus going around. With RT being an animated and sensitive eater, and Mommy-Daddy loosing our wits over the craziness going around the house (tears, doctor, 106 F fever, tears, poopoo, medications, puke, tears, ?vacation?...), and with no help (our extended families don't live close by), and most people we could possibly seek help from have small kids - so introducing the virus to them was out of question... ...Dr. Brown is back in action! Sigh! I am going to give her some time, hopefully I can start reasoning with her and can get her over her dislike for the milk sippy.

Vacation... Vacation...

I am a planner, I love planning parties, vacations... if becoming a "planner" was a little less stressful and a little more thankful job or at least a fancy paying job, I would be a professional planner. Enough of my BS.

So, we planned a *fantabulous* vacation!!! Three months in advance!! Found an awesome deal at a resort on the beach! Packed our bags a week in advance (you see - planning?) with most of the basic stuff so that I wasn't running like a maniac just before the vacation. I even went paranoid about exposing the kids to potentially snotty kids (trying to avoid last minute sickness). And then - bam! RM and I were down with a fever last Tuesday (18th). I was fine in a day, but RM's fever continued for 3 days and it went as high as 106 F. It was a viral infection (possibly Roseola), which also lead to a rash, puking and diarrhea! RT was affected by puking and diarrhea (and I am hoping we don't see the fever and rash at all for her). So we cancelled!! And we are home! And I am happy that the kids seem to be recovering! Vacations can happen some time later!!

October 7, 2011

200 :)

And the previous post marked 200! I knew it up until I posted it! A little slow at posting as compared to some of the fellow cycle buddies (been blogging for 2.5 years now), but a happy 200 nevertheless! :)