October 25, 2011

Vacation... Vacation...

I am a planner, I love planning parties, vacations... if becoming a "planner" was a little less stressful and a little more thankful job or at least a fancy paying job, I would be a professional planner. Enough of my BS.

So, we planned a *fantabulous* vacation!!! Three months in advance!! Found an awesome deal at a resort on the beach! Packed our bags a week in advance (you see - planning?) with most of the basic stuff so that I wasn't running like a maniac just before the vacation. I even went paranoid about exposing the kids to potentially snotty kids (trying to avoid last minute sickness). And then - bam! RM and I were down with a fever last Tuesday (18th). I was fine in a day, but RM's fever continued for 3 days and it went as high as 106 F. It was a viral infection (possibly Roseola), which also lead to a rash, puking and diarrhea! RT was affected by puking and diarrhea (and I am hoping we don't see the fever and rash at all for her). So we cancelled!! And we are home! And I am happy that the kids seem to be recovering! Vacations can happen some time later!!

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  1. I am happy that your kids are recovering, but MAN what a bummer about the cancelled vacation!!!