May 20, 2009

IUI # 3 - Progesterone Check

I went to the clinic this morning for my progesterone b/w and just got a call back from the nurse. It is 7.9 (Atleast I know I O'ed since its above 5)! The last two cycles it has been 6 (at 3-4 DPO). I start Prometrium suppository today (4 times a day) untill beta. So what does this mean? Am I doing better than before or it is an insignificant increase? Is it just higher because I had more follicles this time as compared to IUI # 1 & 2? Is there something wrong (quality?) with me (my eggs/follicles) which is leading to the lower numbers, which in turn is also leading to BFNs? How does my progesterone level impact a future IVF? My progesterone levels during beta for IUI # 1 (with Ovidrel) was 6 and for IUI # 2 (with Prometrium) was 9... how much progesterore is required for implantation (I have read anything above 9) and for sustaining a pregnancy? Do I need to increase my dose?

I guess, I need to discuss this with the RE/nurse... or am I just making a big issue out of it!? I just don't feel very positive about this thing! :(


Update: I guess I was just having a panic attack because I was seeing the same pattern that I have had for the past two failed IUIs. I felt like I knew what the answers were to most of my questions, but just needed some reassurance! Though any new detailed information is always welcome!

I spoke to the nurse later on and she said... progesterone level up from 6 to 7.9 is not a significant change, they like to see a 9; she has seen BFPs for women have had progesterone levels as low as 4-5; progesterone levels do not indicate quality of the egg; Prometrium should help with implantation (if pregnancy occurs), since its still early in the DPO. She encouraged me to discuss this issues with the RE when I meet him next week.

Dr. Google mentioned that progesterone levels can fluctuate from day to day and is not always the best indicator... though the doctors prefer giving you supplement if it appears low. It seems checking progesterone 3-4 DPO is also not the norm... but thats what my RE does!


  1. I guess I’m not sure about your questions regarding progesterone since I’ve only ever heard of it being checked at 7DPO. I’m not sure what level it should be so soon after ovulation, but if your RE isn’t worried about it, then I’m guessing everything is just fine! Good luck with your TWW and I hope it goes quickly for you!

  2. Hi there! Just visiting from ICLW, I am not sure about your progesterone question as my RE does the 7dpo check....but I agree with the previous poster. though it never hurts to ask :)
    good luck with the TWW, hope this is your successful cycle!