May 19, 2009

My Hero!

My Grandmother is supposed to be visiting me (us) for a month… I am so excited!!! She doesn’t live close by and as a result never really visited me since I started college… graduated… started working… got married and settled down. However, I visited her often, so it wasn’t like we have not seen each other for ever! Though, her visiting me and the time we will spend together is a very special period in my life!

A little bit about my Grandma: She is in her (very) late 70’s, has seen poverty and injustice and has struggled to successfully overcome that. She lost her eldest son (my uncle) three decades ago to some illness (unfortunately, it’s never discussed in our family and I am not very aware of the happenings!). Her second son (my uncle) was disabled after an accident when he was a child and things just worsened with time. He passed away last year after being bed ridden for several years. This was another reason why she chose to not travel much (and come see me) for several years. In the interim her husband (my grandpa) passed away of a heart attack (he was 80).

One is not supposed to bury their own children… in her case 2 grown up kids! Things have never been easy for her. Yet, she has coped, survived and grown stronger! She started off as a house-wife and eventually started working at a social organization (to support the family), where they helped women with integrated health care, education, and women’s empowerment. She has risen the ladders at that organization and is now a part of the managing committee at the top. She still works full time (not for money but for the cause) and is not willing to take too much time off work.

Now, she has two daughters (one of them is my Mom) and three grandkids (including me). Besides her work, she is spending time with her daughters and is visiting us this summer. She is full of life, loves to cook and travel. She is the strongest, caring and daring person I have ever known in my life. She gives me hope and strength in this difficult journey of ours (which is probably not very significant as compared to her life story). She is my inspiration, my HERO!

I had hoped that I would be able to give her the good news about her (first) great grandchild, but that still remains a dream. Life is full of obstacle, though it doesn’t end with a failure and she keeps me motivated to keep trying harder! I want to make the best of whatever time I have with her.

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