June 15, 2009

IVF - Cycle # 1 ...and more

Thanks to my Grandma’s visit… I have been busy with her and relatively sane post the end of my slightly P cycle! However, I have been miserable in the evenings (at times). I have felt lost and lonely… insecure and scared… feelings I can’t really define! Honestly, the low HCG kinda helped… cause it did not get me too excited… I was more cautious. In one of my insanity spells, it just occurred to me that if there is nothing to lose (as of now) then there is nothing I can lose… sounds stupid I know, but it made me feel a little better.

My AF started middle of last week… that was a relief… that I could move on – specially to the next step (IVF). During AF I noticed a few clots and I couldn’t let go of them (sorry, TMI)… it seemed like they would be a part of this baby in some form or the other! I just calculated the due date and it would have been Feb 7, 2010… I had dared not to calculate it all this while!

Anyways, I went in for b/w over the weekend and I have now officially started my IVF cycle… yay!!! :) I started my BCPs and my IVF schedule has arrived in my inbox! The schedule as of now is:

* 6/13/09 – Start BCP
* 7/2/09 – Start Lupron (20 units)
* 7/6/09 – Stop BCP (may or may not get a period)
* 7/13/09 – First b/w & u/s, Start Follistim (300 IU) and continue with Lupron (10 units), DH starts Doxycycline
* 7/16/09 – Second b/w and u/s (medication could change post 7/16)
* Possible retrieval (ER) 7/23 – 7/25 (Ovidrel to trigger, Doxycycline & Medrol start on the day of retrieval, PIO starts the day after retrieval)
* Possible transfer (ET) 7/26 – 7/30

I have my annual gynaec visit scheduled for 7/21. My (IF) nurse wants me to reschedule it since it will be so close to the IVF (ER/ET)… also I will probably not be my own self (physically) during this phase (for pelvic and bre.ast examination). Now there is a catch here… I am trying to change my OBGYN! The one I go to (as I mentioned before), I dearly love… though I am not very comfy with the hospital he is associated with… so if/when I get pregnant I want to change my OBGYN! I have kinda figured out which OBGYN I would like to go to… but getting an appointment with him is a pain in the rear! I can’t get one prior to 7/13… and it seems that it’s okay to have a pap smear et. al. once you are pregnant. Though, I would just like to get it out of the way and know that everything is okay before I deal with the IVF. I might just schedule an appointment with my old OBGYN!


  1. Congrats on starting your IVF cycle! Good luck with the OBGYN switch. I have such a hard time w/that stuff. Just like with switching hair stylists...it feels like a break-up, yah know? I know, I'm odd. But I plan on switching my OBGYN as well. He's only in the office 2 days a week and he's the only Dr. there. I knew fr the beginning he'd be temporary because I had just moved back into town. good luck w/your switch!

  2. Yay for your cycle to start! I am so happy that it is beginning! You could hold off on the pap if you wanted to until you are preggers... or make an appointment with the new doc now and just wait?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog- we are super excited. You are going to be next!!


  3. I totally get you being down after your last cycle, despite the low numbers you still hope and mourn the loss.

    Congrats on starting your IVf cycle, I'll be following along, sending loads of positive vibes.

  4. So sorry that the IUIs didn't work out for you, I'll be crossing my fingers and following along for the IVF.

    Hmmmm, it's been over a year since my annual OBGYN exam. I'm not terribly excited to go back there after a year and a half of her telling me she was sure I wasn't infertile. With all the other crap we have to go through, do we really have to do that too?

  5. Just dropped by from Stirrup Queens and noticed that we are on similar schedules, though I am about 10 days ahead of you. My schedule is posted here http://butamoment-breath.blogspot.com/2009/06/phone-calls-and-information.html. I will be checking back and hoping all turns out well for both of us.

  6. Yay!! Our cycles are so close together!