June 8, 2009

It's over (for now)!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! As mentioned before, I started spotting on Friday... I ended up calling my nurse and she rescheduled the b/w from Tuesday to Monday (and not earlier since I was out of town this weekend... all I did this weekend was laze around). I went in today (Monday) morning to be surprised with an u/s appointment as well. I was a nervous wreck. Didn't see anything in the u/s... the doc mentioned that it might be too early. The final call came in at around 0530 pm... my beta for today was 25 (not different from last Monday). This cycle is officially over... I stopped my Prometrium and my IUI journey ends here!


  1. Well, I'm very sorry it's over. Hope you have better luck soon.

  2. oh sweetie I'm sorry

  3. Just checking in on you. I am really sorry to hear that things didn't work out this time. I was rooting for you. I am hopeful that things will be successful next time. I'll be in touch