June 4, 2009

Fun with Insurance!

I know there are quite a few people around here whose insurance does not cover IF treatment and we are fortunate that ours covers the amount it does. But they really make me skip a heartbeat once in a while!

I almost started crying at my local pharmacy today! I went in to pick up my Prometrium and Metformin and I was told that I cannot get my Prometrium till June 12th. I was like what the heck (I almost felt like they were taking "this" away from me), I really need it now! The pharmacist mentioned that my Prometrium quota for the month had been met and the insurance wouldn’t cover anything more. So, I asked how much it would cost to pay out of pocket. 600+ freaking $$$ for 50 something pills! I explained that I take the medication 4 times a day (Rx’ed by my RE) and there is no way 50 pills would last me a month. So she decided to look in to it. It seems my insurance will cover 2 Prometrium per day… she asked me to call my doctor, who would then communicate with my insurance. In the interim, I decided to pick up at least 3 days worth of supply for $85… just in case this was going to take some time. After leaving the pharmacy, I called my nurse and left her a message. After exchanging a few phone calls (between the nurse, insurance and myself), the nurse told me that she has taken care of the issue and it would take 3-5 days for the approval for the increased dosage! She mentioned that I could stop by and pick up some different brand of progesterone supplement that they have at the clinic. I might do that on Monday or just go buy some more out of pocket for continuity sake!

While I was talking with the nurse, she was not negative, but I could sense that she was trying to tell me that lets pull through this coming Tuesday (when I have my b/w and u/s) and then see how things go with the insurance and Prometrium… as in I might not need the Prometrium after Tuesday!!! I have been doing okay for the last 4 days (trying to stay strong, positive and hopeful)… but this just hit me below the belt! I know my HCG is low (though it has tripled once) and we are still not sure about the viability… but I want this baby, I really want this child of ours! I hope I can stay P! I want time to fly by and want Tuesday to be here right now. I hope I can stay strong on Tuesday! My weekend is supposed to be super busy, so hopefully I will pull though this extended 2ww!

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  1. NP....didn't even know you did LOL...anyway i hope it all works out..>GL