June 21, 2009

IcomLeaveWe - June 2009

Hello ICLW'ers! This is my 2nd time with ICLW... and I absolutely loved my first ICLW in May. A very brief intro about me: I am in my late 20's and have PCOS. I had a chemical pregnancy in May 2009 (IUI # 3 @ 5 weeks)... and now we have embarked on IVF # 1. I have started my BCPs and will be starting Lupron begining of July.
Thanks for stopping by! :) Sticky vibes to all of us!


  1. Hello!

    We are about on the same IVF cycle for next month :) I start my Lu.pron on July 8th and hope for transfer around July 30th. This will be our 2nd try; our first one ended in a miscarriage/chemical pregnancy just a few short weeks ago.

    I hope that it goes well and I look forward to following your journey!

  2. Hi BB - Thanks for your comment on my page! Yeah - I hope my furbaby will adjust - my husband says we'll get rid of her if not!! I wish you the best with your upcoming treatments!

  3. All the best for the upcoming cycle!

  4. Praying that this IVF gives you your sticky BFP

  5. Good luck with your IVF coming up! I look forward to following along with you. And thanks for you comment on my blog.

  6. Lots of luck with your upcoming IVF cycle!