April 6, 2011

12th Month Update!

RT weighs 23.91 lbs (with diaper - between 50 to 75 %ile), is 30.7 inches tall with a head circumference of 19.6 and RM weighs 21.35 lbs (with diaper - between 50-75 %ile), is 31.3 inches tall with a head circumference of 19.09. The ped visit was on March 28th (next is July 8th). Just can't fathom how small they were just a year ago!

They were cranky the day of their shots followed by a cold for about a week, followed by more crankiness due to the effect of MMR shots (which is supposed to show up a week after the vaccines are administered)! So things have been a little hectic here.

Oh how I remember the days, when my babies just did not drink enough milk. Not enough through out the day and not enough in one serving. Partially an effect of Reflux. And now, they are drinking too much! Specially RM... he drinks over 40 oz in a day. And he just WANTS it! The ped recommends around 18 oz at this age. How on earth am I supposed to shrink it down to 18? It is not that he is not eating, he is a pretty good eater, but he still wants his milk. RT is fine, she is slowly reducing her milk consumption herself, so I am not concerned about her. We have been trying to increase his water consumption and reducing his feeds, but he is getting up in the middle of night more to drink more! Hah! Latest development: we have managed to reduce RM's volume per feed and his daily feeds are down to 30s. May be it is me who is over feeding him because of the traumatised set of mind that I have from (less feeding in earlier months and weights in 5-10 %ile).

I have been fortunate enough to pretty much have help through out this year! My mother has mostly been with me for all this while and I can't think of how I would have done this without her. My kids adore her! But, she will be going back home in 2 weeks! And then, we are on our own! I guess my kids are pampered! A bit too much? We are going to have to straighten a few things out. We have had a few issues with sleep again after their cold/vaccination - and not sleeping well (through the night) is going to take a toll on Mommy (who is going to be without help soon). So we are definitely heading for a CIO (we actually started last night - more on this soon)!

Some highlights:

-RT walks independently (started a week before the birthday) and is 95% walking and 5% crawling. RM started taking 4-5 steps (a week after his birthday) and hopefully will be following her soon.

-Both give flying kisses. RT has been waving bye and hi for a long time now. RM recently started with bye and hi!

-RT has been repeating words! She will randomly pick up words from what we are saying and repeat it! She repeatedly says Daddy and calls out to RM for sure. We better watch our mouth! RM keeps talking, but no specific words yet (other than Daddy).

-Both have totally different tastes for food. I can't think of a single food item they both like equally... except may be banana! They are starting to get picky about what they want to eat now a days! RM is normally more accepting of different foods. RT is starting to self feed herself, RM still needs to get a hang of it.

-I bought a purse for RT... she will put the handles of the purse around her arms and wave bye-bye (copying Mommy and Granny)!

-RM loves wild play... he loves riding his trike or sitting on one of those battery operated cars etc, RM gets scared of any such toys which make noises and moves fast! She loves to explore but gets intimidated with that much ease too! Both seem to show distinct boy'ish/girl'ish preferences/traits... I am not a pure feminist, and I try to stay neutral with what I try to expose the kids too. But, I see a very distinct nature vs nurture example.

-We have finally succeeded in giving water from a sippy cup! Milk is still through a bottle. We are still finishing some of the formula boxes we have, so some of the feeds are whole milk and some are formula. With time I have realized that you just can't push something on to the kids just because that is the norm in today's society or because the (professional) guidelines say so (that applies to RM's milk consumption situation too (mentioned above)). Kids will do things when they are ready for them, you just need to guide them.

-Both wear size 4 diapers at home during the day. We use one size up at nights and while stepping out of our house. 9 to 12 month clothes were starting to get tight for RM since he turned 11 months... so we switched to 12 to 18 months for him back then. RT wears mostly 12 to 18 months clothes with some 9 to 12 months clothes sprinkled in. Both wear size 6 shoes! They got big feet like their Mommy - I wish that wasn't the case!!

-RM has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth. RT has 2 top and 4 bottom teeth.

-Both understand the idea of giving and taking. As of now, RT is very good at sharing/giving. She will try to feed you her food or give you water from her sippy cup.

-They received quite a few toys at their birthday, but a lot more gift cards, which I think is handy because I can go buy things in intervals. Also, we actually suggested that folks donate to March of Dimes (MOD) - March for Babies instead of bringing gifts, and we collected over $700! I am very pleased. Sometimes, I feel a little guilty that my kids could have received that much more toys! But, this is for a better cause and I know so much about preemies and NICU and its likes, that I am actually so happy we did this! I will be walking for MOD in May.

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