April 12, 2011

Must Haves...

A list of things that I think were the most helpful in the 1st year...

Sony Baby Call
Nursery Monitor - We have never ever had any issues with noise or weak signal. One of the best ones in the market I think!

Breathable Baby Bumper Pad - We never ended up buying this whole bedding set for their crib. With the bumpers and pillows and blankets not really recommended for baby bedding, I thought it was a waste of money. So we just ended up getting sheets and the Breathable Baby Bumper. The kids cant step on it and try to climb up and at the same time they are soft enough to cushion any bumps... plus as the name mentions - they are breathable.

Golden Slumbers - A Father's Lullaby - This is what we play when they are ready to go take a nap or go to bed (since birth). Very soothing!

Fisher Price
Rainforest Jumperoo - The best toy ever. You can't beat it when it has over 1000 reviews on Amazon rating it at 4.5 stars!

Baby Trend
Double Snap N Go - A must have for a twin Mommy! Light weight and compact. Not very good at maneuverability, but it works perfectly well when the babies are small.

JJ Cole
Bundle Me - Best way to keep the babies warm without having to dress up super warm!

Columbia Pigtail
Hats - Super cute and super warm. They stay secure... the Velcro is pretty good and it doesn't come off easy.

Medela Pump In Style Advance - Our life line!

The Breastfeeding Mothers Guide To Making More Milk - A bible on making more milk... just like the title suggests! Without this I wouldn't have made it!

Flip video - the best thing ever to capture video on the go and discretely... whenever our twins figure out that we are taking a video of them, they start heading over to the video camera... this is so tiny, that we can actually sometimes capture them without them realizing. I CAN NOT believe, they are actually getting rid of this product! I don't think they ever marketed this enough!

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