April 25, 2011

13 Months!

...And the month counting continues! :)

The kiddo's are 1 year 1 month (+)! Some of this update overlaps with the 14th month, cause I can't quite remember what they did up until 2 weeks back and what they just started doing... result of me slacking on posting this!

-RM started walking independently a week after turning 13 months. They can both walk across the room in the same pace (speed)... they literally run some times.

-They will caress each other, hug each other, roll over each other, giggle together - its just so adorable!!

-RT has 4 teeth at the top and 4 at the bottom. RM has 4 teeth at the top, 3 at the bottom and one molar on the lower right. He did not have any new tooth coming out for a couple of months now and all of a sudden 4 sprouted out - he was miserable last week.

-They love, love, love going out. They seek any opportunity they can to go outside the house. The love strolling in the Bobs, walking on the grass, checking out puppies, try to follow older kids. Thankfully the weather is getting better finally (besides the spring "showers").

-RM started making tiger roar (imitated me) when he was asked to do so... it is hilarious... he uses his throat (deep sound) to bring on the sound effect.

-Both sleep through the night (STTN) - almost a month now with no middle of the night feed (MOTNF)! They will sleep for around 11 hours at night plus anywhere between 1 to 3 hours during the day time.

-I bathed them both together for the first time yesterday! Now that they sit, stand, walk with great ease... I felt confident bathing them together. RT was very curious with RM's boy parts (I couldn't stop laughing while I was asking her not to touch it - not very nice of me :P)!

-We stopped RT's morning reflux medication 3 weeks ago and RM's medication 2 days back (after the 4 teeth that popped out). I am not commenting on how they are doing, because the last time I spoke too soon.

-They are 100% on table food. I will make something separate only if our food is going to be something super spicy or tangy (we still don't do sour stuff since they are on the reflux meds). I keep experimenting with the snacks, because they just do not want to eat the same stuff everyday (example: cereal)! RT is down to around 20 oz whole milk and RM to around 25ish oz. Them starting with more table food has helped with reducing the milk!

-Milk is through a bottle for both of them. RT takes her sippy for water... she will sip through it intermittently through out the day. RM still not liking anything other than his bottle for water. He will drink water only after meals. We tried the straw bottles, but it was a no go... will give it a shot again in a couple of days.

-Both are in size 4 diapers for at least the last 2-3 months. Night time is size 5. Clothes wise, we are in 18 months, but RT can still sneak in a few 12 month clothes. They both wear size 6 shoes.

-I have to have a separate post for RT. She is one smart girl, and I want to remember what all she did. Here is a sneak preview. I have said before, she understands everything and does all these things without being asked to do so (on her own). She will bring my phone to me when it starts ringing; I put soiled/used clothes on our stairs so I can take it up to our laundry pile (upstairs), she has figured that out and will put her clothes up there too; she will shut the safety gate behind her once she is on the other side of it (imitates us); she will bring RM's jacket and socks to him when we have to step out; she has sharp ears - she will identify a plane by the noise even before you realize - she will wave goodbye to it even if she is drinking milk or busy with something else; if the music we play for their sleep is on and she can hear it on the baby monitor she signs that her brother is sleeping; I brought her a small purse, she will put that on her arm and wave everybody goodbye; she can identify their 1st birthday pictures on the digital photo frame and will start clapping "happy birthday" to herself; one of my friend came over the other day with her 5 month old baby... RT sat besides the baby quietly giving him some toys and being mesmerized by his babyhood!

-RM does quite a few things that RT does, but many a times he is lost in his wild play (pulling things down, rolling over pillows, banging toys, spinning wheels etc). He recently started signing birds, just like his sister. He will bring you his toys (if you ask for it) and then laugh and run away (the toy still with him)! If you ask him not to do something, he will give you a sly smile and do it anyways... he will pretend as if he is ready to attack something (by rocking back and forth) when you ask him not to go near it (his favorite is his sisters poopy diaper!!!).

-We started swim lessons at the Y last Saturday. They are enjoying it!

I have been trying to meet up with some local mommies on meetup.com... and it has been great fun for the kids and myself. I have realized that I am loosing friends! Either things have gone sour during the fertility treatment (a very common phenomenon with quite a few IF'ers )... or our timings and schedules just do not work with our non-parent-friends OR not-so-strictly-schedule-following-parent-friends.

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  1. It's so fun to read about how your guys are developing! I am so looking forward to some of this stuff! Fun! I mean... sounds kind of tiring, but oh so fun!

    I hear you about the friends thing. Even our families do NOT understand the schedule thing and how inflexible it really is. Seriously, it's like I know you want to play with the babies, but naptime IS important. As is eating, etc...

    13 months. How is that even possible? :)