March 26, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Sometimes I see myself from above, holding two snugly babies, and I see this happy content Mommy! That is me... no matter how many sleepless nights, and how many bumps in the road. These babies have made reality of what I had always dreamt of, but had eventually almost lost hope of... they have blessed me with motherhood. One year ago, today, our dream became reality. Happy First Birthday my Babies! And yes, Happy Second Blogoversary to us as well!

My first born, RM... You are a focused, strong, mischievous baby of mine. Your determination is unwavering and distractions are very few for you. If you want something, you will not calm down till you obtain it. If we try to distract you with something, momentarily you will observe what we are showing you, but eventually you will focus back on what you had determined to reach/obtain. You can play with one toy for a long time. You love anything that has wheels, from strollers to bassinets to real cars, and even paintings or a fake wheel in the mall play area. You are a very strong boy, you love to use all your might to shake up the (safety) gate or break a cabinet (safety) lock. You know how to get out of a seat (safety) belt. Mommy’s had to tighten your high chair and stroller belts, giving you no room to move at all. You have tried your tricks on your big boy car seat too, but fortunately the car seat makers have probably done a good job and Mommy doesn’t leave the belts loose either. Your favorite game is Peek-a-boo and you hide between Mommy and anything that she is resting against – you will come out of hiding with the cutest little toothy smile and giggles.

You are a great napper and have been taking almost one 3 hour long nap a day. You love food, and will mostly relish all sorts of edible items at any given time – just like your Mommy. You love your milk! Surprisingly, it took you some getting used to the whole milk, but now you love that too.

You love your sister dearly and are very fond of caressing and hugging her.

My second born, RT... You are my agile, smart little drama queen. You are already walking unassisted and cruise through the smallest of places and obstacles. You love to roll over anybody who is lying down, you will crawl over Mommy, and twist and turn and plop down on purpose. I would like to say that you understand everything! If we tell you to get the phone because we have to call your Grandpa, you will crawl/walk to the phone; you will bid bye-bye to your Daddy and blow a flying kiss from a distance when Daddy leaves for work – you know he doesn’t take you with him when he leaves for “office” and are content with it. We step out every afternoon (after our nap and lunch) and you know that very well... you will bring over your jacket so that we can head out. You noticed your Mommy’s straightened hair at 10 months (by touching and feeling repeatedly), and you can exactly identify a new outfit. You will touch your cheeks (with both your hands) when you are surprised by something or throw your hands up in the air when you want to communicate something strongly, or hold your head when something doesn’t happen the way you want it to happen. You can throw a tantrum like no one else, but you are still - my sweet little girl!

Naps have not been your best friend, but you are better at it now and you absolutely love taking long naps in the car! You were never fond of milk, until you started having whole milk! You absolutely love it and will consume it in any shape (plain, pudding, yogurt etc). Foods are a hit or miss many a times, but you absolutely love chicken! You seem to be a picky eater like your Daddy!

You love your brother and are not very pleased when he is not around (especially when he is taking his long naps) and hence always look out for him.

My dear Babies... Daddy and I, wish and pray that both of you have a long healthy life ahead of you. May God Bless You!


  1. Happy happy birthday sweet babies!! And happy blogversary too!!

  2. Happy Birthday to the babies, and Happy Blogoversary to mama!

  3. Awwww- Happy birthday little ones! And congrats on a successful first year, mama!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And happy blogoversary, and happy spring, and happy everything! I marvel every day at how wonderful it feels to "be on the other side" of IF. To feel "normal." And how natural it feels to be a mom. I will always be completely happy for you!

  5. Happy belated Birthday little ones!