July 21, 2009

My Jackfruits - IVF # 1 B/W & U/S Update

I stopped counting after my RE went above 25 follicles on each ovary. There probably are around 60 or more follicles in there. It sounds unbelievable to me and even to type this up, I feel like I am bluffing! My ovary dimensions are ~ 50 x 70 mm. The ovaries don’t look anything like they normally do… they look like a big-ass pomegranate… or may be more like Jackfruit (commonly found in Asia). Surprisingly I feel less discomfort than I have even felt during IUI stimulation (with 1 to 5-6 follicles with Follistim)… maybe it’s the Lupron! However, I am becoming an emotional wreck... I can start crying for any reason… I haven’t shed too many tears as yet, but I am at the verge of bursting out for anything out of the normal. I am so scared that this is abnormal and will result into not so healthy eggs and the cycle will be doomed!

When the RE just glanced at the ovaries, he was sure we would be triggering tonight, but after the measurements he realized that there were quite a few at around 15 mm, and he wanted them to grow more… so most likely we will be stimulating for one more night and will be triggering tomorrow for a Friday retrieval. Oh and it took him around 10 minutes to count and measure my package! Of course I do not have the blood results as yet… so will know for sure this afternoon. I also asked my RE if it would take longer for the ER for me since I have so many follicles, he mentioned that it will be a few minutes more than it normally does. He also confirmed what I have feared… since I have so many follicles, I will have a lot more discomfort after the ER and they will prescribe some pain medication. At my RE’s clinic, it seems that they clear out each and every follicle (even if they are less than 10 mm) during the ER… which reduces the chances of (severe) OHSS… I am not sure if this is the norm or this is something specific to my clinic.

5th b/w and u/s today (July 21, 2009 – after 8 days if stims).

  • Follicle count: ~50+ eggs (both ovaries combined) measuring 11 to 18 mm
  • E2: 4680
  • Ovidrel Triger tonight
  • Uterus Lining: 11mm (Type 3)
  • Next appointment: Wednesday, July 22, 2009


4th b/w and u/s (July 20, 2009 – after 7 days if stims).

  • Follicle count: 30+ eggs (both ovaries combined) measuring 11 to 16 mm
  • E2: 2619
  • Follistim: Reduced to 75 IU
  • Lupron: 10 units
  • Uterus Lining: 11mm (Type 3)
  • Next appointment: Tuesday, July 21, 2009


3rd b/w and u/s (July 18, 2009 - after 5 days of stims).

  • Follicle count: 8 between 11 to 13 mm (several between 5 to 10 mm)
  • E2: 900
  • Follistim: Reduced to 150 IU (from 225 IU)
  • Lupron: 10 units
  • Uterus lining: Type 3, 8 mm
  • Next appointment: Monday, July 20, 2009


2nd b/w and u/s (July 16, 2009 - after 3 days of stim).

  • Follicle count: 20-30 follicles in each ovary... all less than 10 mm
  • E2: 500
  • Follistim: Reduced to 225 IU (from 300 IU)
  • Lupron: 10 units (stays same)
  • Uterus lining: Type 2, 5 mm
  • Next appointment: Saturday, July 18, 2009


1st b/w and u/s (July 13, 2009 – no stims).

  • E2: 67
  • Follistim: 300 IU
  • Lupron: 10 units


  1. Hey, that's great! We had 9 follies that they bothered to measure this morning, and many other small guys waiting in the wings. I'm hoping I follow in your footsteps! Bring on grapefruits... :)

  2. Good luck on Friday! I will be sending good thoughts your way. I have serious follicle envy here!