July 16, 2009

IVF # 1 - B/W & U/S Update

Here is an update for 3rd b/w and u/s (July 18, 2009 - after 5 days of stims)...
  • Follicle count: 8 between 11 to 13 mm (several between 5 to 10 mm)
  • E2: 900
  • Follistim: Reduced to 150 IU (from 225 IU)
  • Lupron: 10 units
  • Uterus lining: Type 3, 8 mm
  • Next (4th) b/w and u/s: Monday, July 20, 2009

The RE decided to reduce the Follistim and thinks that the ER should happen around end of the week. I feel bloated, constipated and tired, but otherwise (generally) okay and very hopeful!

I had my 2nd b/w and u/s today (July 16, 2009 - after 3 days of stim).
  • Follicle count: 20-30 follicles in each ovary... all less than 10 mm
  • E2: 500
  • Follistim: Reduced to 225 IU (from 300 IU)
  • Lupron: 10 units (stays same)
  • Uterus lining: Type 2, 5 mm
  • Next (3rd) b/w & u/s: Saturday, July 18, 2009
I foresee my ovaries become the size of a football. From the looks of it, it doesn't appear like I will be under stimulated. I just hope that I don't have to be cancelled for OHSS or a very high E2. I feel like I am getting in to a nesting phase where I am organizing and prep'ing for next week... when I will be super bloated and lazy, and resting after the ER/ET. Have not had any breakdowns as yet (again)... hopefully that continues.... Have a "1st" birthday party to attend this weekend. But we are very close to the Mom and Dad of the kiddo and I don't feel the IF syndrome right now... also this is the first child in this group of friends that we hang out with it. So as long as none of the other couples declare that they are PG, I should be okay! :P

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  1. I've had similar feelings about being around kids for the past year or so...I am fine with *certain* babies (close friends', my niece), but random strangers' babies still kind of give me the lump in the throat. I am a little put off by people bringing their kids into the clinic (there is a REASON they ask you NOT to). But, with the home stretch in sight, I am hoping this too shall pass...Hope the good numbers keep coming for you!