July 13, 2009

Here we go...

E2= 67 units
Okay to start stims for IVF # 1. Follistim 300 IU and Lupron 10 units!
For all you folks who have stimmed before... do you take both the injections one after the other... does it matter if you take them close to each other or you find it easier to take it on either side of the belly?


  1. I just start on one side and work my way over....I have three injects per night (also have low-dose hcg), so I get the pen cartridge out of the way and then the other two smaller-volume needles. You may get some pretty nice bruises from the folli. Also, this may be helpful: some of the symptoms I had with lup alone have eased with the addition of other meds. Not what I would have predicted, really, but welcomed.

  2. My Lupron was at 7 pm, and my Follistim was at 8-9 pm (as directed by the clinic). I alternated sides each day. For example first day: Lupron on left, Follistim on R. Then next day: Lupron on right, Follistim on left. Congrats on being cleared to start!

  3. I had 3 shots per day (lupron and gonal-f in the AM, then gonal-f in the PM) and put all three close to each other each day because I could still see them. By the next day, they'd all faded (except the ones that bruised- no pain, just a purple mark), so I'd switch to the other side of my belly-button just to make sure I didn't stick myself in the same spot twice in two days. I found that shots just below, and beside the belly-button hurt less than those further from it or above. But maybe that was just me. GOOD LUCK!!!