July 4, 2011

Last Year, This Time...

Last year, this time... I was sinking in to motherhood and celebrating my 1 year anniversary of IVF cycle (the non BCP part)! I started my Lupron on 7/2/2009. Those dates seemed so important last year and I could tell them without having to look at my blog timeline. Those dates always will be important, but today I have toddling proof(s) around me 24/7, so I am less sentimental about it.

This year, this time... I am waiting for my insurance/pharmacy to send me my BCP. Our insurance changed in May and they want us to go through an online pharmacy! It has taken 2+ weeks between my OB's office (lazy) staff and the "pharmacy" already... and they are still processing my Rx. Long story short, I spoke to my OB and requested him to send in my BCP Rx so that I can get my lovely aunt back! So, as soon as the pills arrive, I am back to an infertile taking BCPs.


  1. I totally agree about the last year reminiscing vs. this year. I remember looking forward to July 5th last year (the 1 yr anniversary of my ER) as Sam and Anna's Creation Day Anniversary. This year, July 5th before bed, it donned on me that my ER was that date, 2 years ago. So much has happened since then, that I think the events of IVF are more of a distant memory now.

  2. Yes a year ago...wow, time just flies! Much love my dear. Fran