June 26, 2011

15 months!!

Couple of years ago, when motherhood was still in the waiting, I wondered why on earth did Mommies calculate their kiddos ages in months. I used to think - for heavens sake the child is 1 yr old or 1.5 yrs old... why do you have to call it as 14 months or 18 months! Hehe... and right now I find myself doing the same thing. What I have realized is that the babes change so fast, that every month makes a huge difference in their understanding and growth - and 13 months is just not the same as 1 yr or 1.25 yrs.

So here we are at 15 months. I am getting to a point where I just can't bullet list their progress. They are little people, who understand multi-task directions and are very good at executing them! I feel like we actually have some kind of reciprocation from our toddlers (only, not in a completely verbal form). A few tidbits at 15 months...

-RT still has 12 teeth (same as 14 months), and RM has 14 teeth and is probably working on his left side canines.

-RM has been completely off his reflux medication for 10 days now (last day 06/16) and RT has been over it for a month now! Yippieee! I think their transition from crawling to walking was a big milestone and that time frame has been the period that their bodies transitioned.

-They used to like their medication mixed in with some formula... so we were using formula till we wrapped up the meds (just for meds or may be one feed sometimes). Right now both are taking between 16-20 oz of whole milk total (split in 3 feeds).

-RM has a new found love of self feeding! He has been doing great at lunches and snacks. RT has been feeding herself for the past few months, but she can be such a fussy eater (she is my super animated drama queen), that I have to help her out!

-RM has started giving open mouthed big kisses to everybody. Sometimes RM and RT will hug each other and shower each other with kisses. That is the most adorable thing ever.

-Both of them are starting to get more vocal and repeating words. RT pretty much copies and reapeats any random word every now and then. RM tries to repeat words to... his latest (constantly repeated) word is bay-bay (bye-bye)

-We are pretty close to 1 nap (how long have I been saying that for?). We can go with 1 nap, but then can get very fussy towards the end. So I am still getting them to go in for their 2nd nap.

-We went to NYC today, and the kids loooved it! They were mesmerized by the helicopters at a helipad near by. They always wave goodbye to any flying machine in the air and couldn't digest (initially) the idea of it being on the ground and then taking off! :) We went in to one of the office buildings and they liked the view and wouldn't move away from the window.

-We go in for our 15 month shots on July 8th.

I probably forgot to mention. Our neighbor has a 2.5 yr old (IVF) baby girl and she will be going in for her beta on Monday for project sibling. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works.

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  1. 12 and 14 teeth??? Wow. We're sitting at 7 and 8. Congrats on successfully weaning the reflux meds too!