June 7, 2011

Weight Issues

Too lazy? Probably!

Well, I am still waiting to shed my pregnancy fat! I am getting to a point where I am just fat, and not fat because I was pregnant with twins or nursing twins (read Mommy hogging). Am I exercising - no... I should be, but I am not. I am on the go constantly. When the twins are napping (not a couch potato), I am mostly cleaning, organizing, prepping and sometimes lazing (some me time?)! I have been trying to eat healthy, but that is not even helping tiny bit.

Now, the tricky one! I still don't have my sweet Aunt, Flo! I stopped pumping in Jan and waited for 3-4 months. Called my OB in April, he asked to wait for a month more and see what happens! I waited, in the interim got sick of waiting and tried a few home remedies to get my hormones in control (tried some body cleansing herbs, and goats rue - supposedly a natural cure for PCOS gal like me). I spotted juuust a little bit in May. I wanted to give natural way a try - because I am not really super concerned about what is happening in my body as I was when we were TTC and I am ready to take chances (time is not at premium right now as it was back then). I know herbal stuff can take time. But, I don't know if I am ready to wait for couple more months! It is a vicious cycle. My hormones (are F'ed up and) are probably not letting me loose weight and the weight is not letting my body tame my hormones. I look back at my 2007 pictures and admire my cheek bones, double chin-less chin, acne free skin. And I crave to go back to it! I was on BCP then and we were prep'ing ourselves to start TTC (I had lost 20 lbs, was eating right and exercising). I think I am going to give in and call my OB! I don't want to be on BCP all my life, but I need to get started towards becoming a healthier Mommy! Exercise and BCP seems like a good combination? I need my AF back!


  1. I can understand that you'd want to lose weight, but wanting/needing AF back??? I HATE having AF back!!

    I'm not sure I followed this completely but is it just because you think that NOT having AF is making you hold onto your weight?

  2. I don't think the words "lazy" and "mom to twin toddlers" can possibly go together. It is hard to fit in exercising, but I know I am constantly on the go.

    Good luck getting to a place where you feel good about what you weigh and how you look.