June 15, 2011


Something funny - that kids find! Well, this has been happening for a while now... but I totally missed out on it. Our kids are bilingual (or may be tri... however, spanish is not one of them). We speak one language at home and they are exposed to quite a few English words, songs and sometimes we converse in English too. There is another language that falls on their ears too (via songs). It seems that they can actually kind of identify and relate to these languages. The musical table we have, plays Spanish (like quite a few other toys now a days)... they get such a big kick out of it. They will start giggling and laughing when they hear that. They think it is funny, and this has been happening ever since they were around 10 months old! :)


  1. That's interesting! I'd love to hear more about the bilingual issues you face, as our kids are raised in a bi-lingual home, as well. And at only a few weeks short of one year, we haven't had a single word out of them, but they "chatter" all the time!

  2. It sounds wonderful...I am sure the kids must be having their own words too, completely apart from all the input they get from their environs.

    Take Care and many blessings to both RT as well as RM.