July 11, 2011

Got Milk?

I had never imagined that I would be putting up this post (especially with RM's experience). RT was never a big milk drinker, but RM loved his milk and at one point of time was taking 40 oz formula. Also, with the reflux they always took really small quantities and fed several times a day (and night?). When we switched them to whole milk around 12 months, I really had to work on bringing down their feeds and total milk for RM.

Now? OMG - how do I get these kids to drink milk? They get milk 3 times in a day... around 6, 6 and 8 oz. If I didn't make them finish their milk at least 2 times out of the 3 - they would be drinking close to 13 oz (or less) only! They do get yogurt, and I do mix in cheese in some of the foods they eat. But, yogurt is sometimes restricted if either of them is constipated (more common with RM). Also, if one decides that they are done with their milk, the other one stops too (twindom)! Now, I am starting to wonder if I should cut down on food and give them more milk! LOL!!

I know they recommend around 16-18 oz, plus a serving of cheese/yogurt. Calcium and other nutrients from milk are important, because food can be a hit or miss.

How much milk does your toddler (around 15 months) drink?



After a failed attempt around 2 months back with a straw sippy, I reintroduced it today and they loved it! Got the hang of it without me having to show it to them. I hope the interest lasts and we are able to transition to a straw sippy for milk as well (umm... we still do bottles for milk - I don't care if they continue - taking milk in a bottle just 3 times a day for few minutes is not going to ruin their teeth/jaw - but it ain't fun when they get the bottle to drip and think that it's a toy! Though, it will probably also be much more difficult to get rid of the bottle in the future). And as Baby Smiling pointed out in the comments, the volume of milk going in to their tummy might be a matter of the means to provide it. So, we shall see!


  1. Well sweetie, I can't help too much a part from the fact that Oliver also isn't a big milk drinker (since he started solids). I never drink milk now and I think I stopped quite early. I think if their diet is rich in calcium (yoghurt and cheese) you shouldn't worry too much. Love, Fran

  2. I've been such a bad follower! I finally caught up today. Time is just flying! Well, Noah's ped told us that 12-18oz of milk a day is sufficient. I honestly don't keep track of how much we give him, but he starts and ends every day with a bottle, and whether or not he drinks much is hit and miss. We also offer him milk with every meal, which again he may or may not touch. The rest of the time we give him water. I wouldn't worry about it too much. It sounds like they are plenty healthy! Enjoy! I just love this age!!!

  3. My twins drank way more than the recommended amount at 15 months (and still do -- together a half-gallon every day). Many peds would object and say that I should limit it. My ped says it's fine since they both eat plenty of food, since the big concern is about iron deficiency anemia -- not that that's relevant to you since you have the opposite situation.

    But I find that milk intake really depends on what we use for drinking: baby bottles, straw bottles, straw cups, regular cups (they've never used sippy cups). There are some containers where they'll drink almost nothing, and some where they'll gulp down more than 10oz in a sitting. You might try different types of containers if you want to increase milk intake.

    You could also try different dairy products. My twins have cottage cheese every day at breakfast, and cheese every day at lunch and sometimes dinner, and sometimes yogurt, in addition to their enormous quantities of milk. Combined with the milk DH and I drink, it feels like our family is single-handedly keeping the dairy industry in business!

  4. Some days my two drink closer to 12 oz, other days 18+ oz. I don't sweat it anymore. On the low end days, they have cheese for a snack. I think the important thing to consider is that at this point, milk is a complement to a meal now, not as important as a meal itself like is used to be in the bottle days. Even if they drink smaller amounts, they can get calcium from other sources, even besides dairy products, too- like broccoli, but I know there are others too.