July 12, 2011

2 of Each!

I think we have arrived at the stage where we need 2 of each! We want the same toy! One wants to open a drum, the other wants to shut it. One wants to drag the doodle around, one wants to draw on it. Fun times!! The big ride on toys (example: trike), we have two of those... but some of these tiny ones, we were very content with one thus far, but this month there has been a big explosion of individualisticness(?)! I see a lot of $ spent on toys from now on. Even if I try to find something on craigslist/garage sale... who has 2 of each?

I wonder how we are going to entertain them in the winter!? Probably a tall claim, but I am planning on making them swim champs by the time it is Spring next year. ;) We are getting a family membership at the Y in fall. Twin Mommies: Have you taken your kids swimming alone? How do you handle them? My twins love the water and are not really afraid of it (we did swim lessons). Also, some of you seasoned Moms, do you have any recommendation for indoor toys for the upcoming fall/winter? I was thinking of getting a slide-climber. One of that slide should be enough I would like to imagine! :P

Thank you for your comments about the milk situation! :)


  1. I don't bother with two of most things, because even when there are two, one twin will take both and run off. I've had times when a twin took 4 of something!

    My twins have never been swimming.

    We love the Bilibo indoors. (Case in point about getting two of everything, though: we have two, but they are always fighting over the same one -- whichever one their brother/sister wants.)

  2. Sometimes even having two of the same thing doesn't make a difference. They still want the one the other child has. At least our kids will have lots of practice sharing and taking turns by the time they are in school!

    Swimming with one adult? I can't imagine! I don't think I'd do that until they are much, much older. We did swim lessons but each child had to have an adult with them. Depending on your space, you can have almost anything indoors that you can have out (except larger swingsets.) If you have a large playroom, you can even use Cozy Coupes indoors. I'm not a "seasoned" mom, but our home daycare provider makes a ballpit out of a inflated swim pool and balls and the kids there love it. I think that's a great idea of something to have inside.