July 23, 2011

Go Away Bug!

And so, I thought that their tummy was getting better, and I gave them green beans on Wednesday. I was so wrong! RT could not handle it at all and she has had the worst poopoo ever since Thursday. She pooped in the middle of the night yesterday! She does not want to eat and does not want to drink much either. She is just taking milk and water... and a little bit of Pedialite Popsicles! Diaper rash is pretty bad too! Poor baby, I can't wait for her to feel better! :(

RM is going towards a constipating with the no (less) fiber diet. I am afraid to introduce fibers to him after seeing what happened on Wednesday!

We are doing a BRAT'ish diet. As in they won't eat just the banana, rice, apple sauce and toast... so I am giving those things along with some other regular/low fiber food. The Ped recommended giving them Culturelle. Hope that helps!!

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