January 26, 2011

10 Months - Double Digits!!

I remember every moment of that day exactly 10 months ago... just like it was yesterday! Yes - double digits... my babies are 10 months young today! I am starting to realize that I call my babies as kids more than babies. They truly are growing up and it is going by too fast. But, I can't stop myself from appreciating and loving every bit of them! Here is the latest update...

-Both RM & RT can climb stairs... we put them on the stairs when we got back, and they easily climbed up to grab the toys we had sitting a few steps up. Of course I am in no way letting them climb the stairs every day, but it was too cute to see them do it for the first time! :) They both crawl all over the place like crazy... they love to stand... RT very easily cruises around all our furniture.

-They love books... it's more like they love the pictures they can see in the books. They both can identify cats and dogs in a book.

-They love Puffs... RT will in fact bring over the container and will ask you to take some out for her. They will pretty much try everything from our food. We still haven't given them fish... and haven't really tried any other meat other than Turkey and Chicken. I started yogurt after coming back home.. RM seems to like it, but RT doesn't really seem to be very fond of it.

-They still drink milk 6-7 times in 24 hours with at least one middle of the night feed. RM takes 5-7 oz at a time and RT takes 5-6 oz. I was a little alarmed when I realized that quite a few kids their age consume milk just 2-4 times a day, but I guess each child is different. Before going to bed at night they can take in as much as 10 oz. When RT is hungry for milk or food, she goes... mumumum...! It's very cute!

-RM is getting his upper right tooth; so the tally so far is RM - 3 and RT - 2.

-We are yet to go see the Ped for their 9 month visit... it was delayed because of our trip. We go in on Jan 31st. I am hoping to discuss a few food related things with the Ped. One of them would be whole milk... I guess most Peds recommend starting off with it once the kids are close to 1 yr old.

-We go see the GI in the first week of February for reflux... I am hoping that we can start reducing their medication.

-We are planning on taking them for their first haircut this weekend (weather permitting). RT's hair is "out of control" and they need to be tamed a little bit. I wouldn't mind growing her hair, but she hates getting her hair washed and we end up shedding some tears in this process... hopefully with shorter hair things will be a little easier. RM's hair is starting to come down to his eyes, no matter how much you move them aside... they keep coming down straight - he has silky straight hair! So, I am hoping that some trimming (for both of them) now will get them in good shape for their birthday (not too short and not too unruly).

-We are still working on naps and night time sleep post jet lag! RT settled in 2 days ago and RM seems to be still adapting to the time zone. Sleeping in the crib is progressing slowly but steadily, they have been co-sleeping off and on after we get back... because everything just seemed so new to them.

-I am no longer pumping, I had to pump once (after a 10 day gap)... it was probably because we did the deed and I leaked the next day (some engorgement and blocked ducts). Oh and I still haven't gotten my AF back... I will probably wait for a month or two and go see my OBGYN if AF still doesn't arrive.

Any suggestions for some big kid toys? They seem to be liking complex toys now a days. I am considering getting a
wooden activity cube (seen some good reviews) and possibly a rocking horse.

We have shortlisted the guests for the birthday party and it seems like it is going to be a big one! I guess once they start understanding more, birthdays are about their choices, and likes and dislikes... so this is one time I will get to decide the theme and the venue. :) We will be renting a place for the party, cause our house wont hold anything more than 20 people. I was calling yesterday to enquire about what options we had... and one of these places gave us a very good deal... so we ended up reserving it already! As mentioned in the previous post... I want to do a jungle theme... I have looked at a few cakes online and am hoping I can get one similar to what I have found. I am so excited!


  1. We have that same activity cube and they both absolutely love it. They have played with it many times each day since we got it (right around your babies' age). When we've had older kids over, they've also enjoyed the cube -- 2, 3, 4, even an 8 year old! A fantastic purchase.

    Most of our other favorite big kid toys are more for walking than crawling, but we have a drum with multiple instruments from the same company that they also really enjoy.

  2. we don't have the same cube but those activity cubes are always a hit! Dex loves his and all the kids love it.

  3. We have that activity cube, too, and our baby loves it. It's sturdy and heavy enough that she can use it to pull herself up to standing and then cruise around it. The animals and beads on the top are a hit, and she likes to spin the lettered tiles. I think she'll continue to enjoy it for a long time.

    Another toy we have that she loves is Wahoo, an inflatable ride-on dog. The higher-end version is called Rodi (from Gymnic) and there's also a cow (from Trumpette). It's like the ride-on ball-with-a-handle we all had as kids (I may be dating myself), but shorter and more stable for babies. She's too short to sit on it by herself, but she pulls herself to standing with it and then leans across and bounces, chews on his ears and tail, and tickles his nose. There's quite an assortment of these inflatable ride-on toys on Amazon... don't pay more than $40. If you shop around, you can find a good bargain on all of them.

    Aren't they such fun at this age! And they're getting to the point where their toys are fun for us too!

  4. We got the Zany Zoo for Cam for a Christmas present. He totally loves it. he loves pulling up on it and slamming the doors. hahaha...sometimes he gets carried away with it and pulls it over...i'm there to keep it from falling on him...he is so a rugrat!!!!

  5. Happy to read the update! I hope we can reduce our reflux meds soon, too.