February 2, 2011

9 Month Appointment (at 10 months)

We visited the Ped on Jan 31st for their 9 month appointment. It was a relief not to have to deal with vaccination and the tears that follow it (and sometimes some fever). The appointment went well overall. We have gained some weight here... assuming the nurse weighed and measured with accuracy ;) (yes, we had 2 extra lbs per child during one of our weight checks - human (nurse) error!!). Plus, both of them were super wiggly this time when the nurse tried to weigh them on the scale. Here are the stats...

RM weighed 20.6 lbs (36 %ile... previously 5-10 %ile), height: 29.9 (83 %ile), and head circumference 19.1 (98 %ile).
RT weighed 20 lbs (56 %ile... previously 15 %ile), height: 29.7 (93 %ile), and head circumference: 18.3 (95 %ile).

They both are crawling, pulling themselves up to stand, cruising along furniture, teething, eating and sleeping relatively well. So I guess the Ped was happy and so were we! We need to schedule the bloodwork with the lab. And the next appointment will be on March 28 (2 days after their 1st birthday). We have the GI appointment on the 9th (weight check again - I will be more confident with their weights then).

And now... to the worrisome part! I don't know where to begin and this is all I have been thinking about for the last few days - It's called Neurofibromatosis. Tune in to my next post!

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