February 5, 2011


So we have an appointment scheduled with the Neurogeneticist for May 6th, 2011... that is one of the earliest appointment we could get.

We struggled through infertility - we succeeded... we suffered subchorionic hematoma - we surpassed... we had gestational diabetes - we managed... we had pre-term contractions and cervical shortening (+ bedrest + huam + medications) - we survived. The babies were born healthy at 37w1D. After going through so much, why would God put this big question mark in front of us. I believe in Karma... you pay as you reap... what has RM done so far for him to have to be in such a situation! I have never discussed God on this blog... I am more spiritual than religious... though I do pray to the super power to keep everything safe and sound. If we could get through what we have so far, we will get through all the challenges that might be! I hope this challenge never comes to be... but no matter what he is our son (RM)! We love him, we love RT, and RT adores RM. If I sit and fret and get depressed, I am doing injustice to what my babies deserve. I can't ruin today for what possibly could be tomorrow! I don't know what state of mind I will be around May 6th, but for now, I am trying to normalize!

Thank you for all your supporting comments - they mean a lot to me - as always.


  1. May? Such a long time to wait! But glad that you are dealing so well with the uncertainty.

  2. You have the right attitude my friend, this may just turn out to be nothing at all and you don't want to spend the next three months worrying for what it might be. I'll say a prayer for you and RT, it will be fine!

  3. Wow, May is a long time away!

    I hope it is nothing. Will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. May does seem so very far away, I'm thinking of you xxx