January 24, 2011

And we are back!

It will be a week tomorrow and we are still overcoming jet lag! :) Well, it is probably almost gone though. To begin with the babes slept from around 0200 pm to around 0700 am the next day morning with wake ups in between to drink milk (and went right back to sleep)... no solids, no play! They napped in between again in the morning, basically it was a zombie land! But, we are more awake now!

The flight ride was in fact not as bad as I had anticipated. My mother accompanied us and that was a life saver for sure. The babes clinged and clinged, they had a bassinet, but RT would not sleep in it at all and RM slept in it for half the time. They both normally go to bed between 0800 and 0830 pm. But, the day we were scheduled to travel... oh my! They slept at their usual time, but then were picked up in an hours time to head off to the airport! They both stayed awake till 0200 am!!! I couldn't believe it. I guess they are growing up in a true sense. When we were leaving home 2 months back, they didn't care... if they had to sleep, they slept... no matter where and no matter when! But, this time there was a lot more excitement and a lot more curiosity! Which led to some fussiness for RT (due to lack of sleep). RM was pretty okay! Overall, I had expected them to cry their eyes out, but it was in fact pretty manageable.

The journey just shot their appetite for solids (none on the flight and none after coming home for few days). All they could handle was a few Puffs here and there! We are starting to get back on to morning snacks and lunch... afternoon snacks and dinner is still a no go!

I was wondering how they would get accustomed to the new place again and they seem to be adjusting pretty well, I guess kids are more adaptable than adults! The house is a lot more baby proofed than all the places we visited in the last two months and hence they are a lot more free to move around than they had the opportunity to (in the last two months). And, they are enjoying the freedom! They are crawling all over the place, pulling up and standing... RT is cruising along the furniture too! What they are not enjoying is the fact that they are not able to step out of the house frequently. With the temperature dipping down to close to 0 degree F for half the nights since we landed here, there is no way in hell I am taking them out of the house... especially since it was much warmer during our vacation and the sudden transition would probably not be good! But, they are loving all the toys we have over here (I had taken quite a few with us, but of course not the bulky ones)... so that is keeping them busy for now. I was wondering what they would do with the swing, jumperoo and the rocker... I felt a little guilty... thinking that they wouldn't be used since the kiddos have grown up now and it would be such a waste. But, they are actually still liking them!

While we were away, the babes didn't really sleep in a crib and readjusting to the crib back home is a little challenging! We started off with letting them play in the crib to taking naps in the crib. We are trying to put them in the crib for the night, but it hasn't been 100% successful... it is really hard to tell how they will deal with it till the jet lag is completely gone!

I am also starting to plan the birthday party. I am thinking of jungle/safari theme! They both love being outdoors, they love animals and the theme can be neutral too... and not really commercialized (like any cartoon characters).

We will be celebrating 10 months in 2 days! :) Double digits!! More to come soon...!


  1. Wow, you are very lucky that a couple of months ago your babies would sleep wherever whenever. Noah hasn't been like that since he was a new-newborn!

    If your babies weren't/aren't sleeping in cribs, where are they sleeping? Just out of curiosity.

    Happy 10 months!

  2. Welcome home!

    Unfortunately air travel gets more and more difficult from this age on... not sure when it will get better again.

  3. Welcome back! I've starting the birthday planning too... although I wish I wasn't. It is coming way too fast!

  4. happy 10 months! Glad to hear the trip went well, even if it did stuff the twins routine a bit :)