January 4, 2011


Today, I pumped 8 oz of milk! Down from around a max of ~ 72 oz! Sigh!

I had started the process of reducing the amount of milk and the number of pumping sessions after the babies turned 7 months (they were on 100% BM till then - I am so thankful that I did not have supply issues!). Up until almost 8.5 months they were still 50% on BM and 50% formula. Around the time they turned 9 months I dropped down to just one pumping sessions in a day. And ever since then, I don't really feel engorged and my supply has dropped around an oz or two every day. I was planning on pumping till we returned home, but at this rate, I highly doubt that I will produce anything 15 days from now! Though, I still have a couple of 100 oz of frozen milk back home.

This is bitter sweet. I will never be the sole provider of nourishment for my babies. I know I brought this on (reducing the volume) and the kids will grow up, but it still hurts. I will probably cry the day I pump my last! Besides my babies, my life has revolved around my Medela! At the same time, I do look forward to having my body back and not being hooked on to a machine.

I want to note down what I did to up the supply and eventually cut it down. I will probably make a post about it soon.

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