January 2, 2011


Hmmm... where do I begin! Every time I see a new development in my twins - I realize that they have been through so many different stages in barely 9 months of their life.

They were helpless little babies who only knew how to cry when they were hungry... those were the days when they just fed, pooped, pee'ed and slept...

Then came their first smiles and recognition... they still kept us on our toes through the days and the nights. But yet they melted our hearts!

Then they started interacting with us, rolling over, grasping, cooing, holding their necks strong...

Then came the start of solids... they had no idea what the heck it was, but with time they got interested in what we ate... started developing a taste... some things they liked and some - absolutely disliked!

In the mean while they transitioned from rattles to toys that sing and speak, and now to toys that are more interactive and engaging. The speed at which they transition and learn is mesmerizing!

From frequent night wake ups to bad naps to teething... from giggling and rolling and sitting and jumping and plopping down... from being mischievous and doing things on purpose to being fussy to having a belly laugh... from trying to wake each other up, to crying when the other cries, to calling out to their siblings, to making fake coughing sounds! Aah... the list is never ending! Their moods can change so quick and there can never be a dull moment!

One thing I have learned is I can never go by a book. I started off with reading a few books on babies. They made sense but never always applied. I have realized that the babies have their own schedule and likes and dislike, and they have their very right to go at their own pace. Me trying to implement something on them is probably more stressful to me mentally than it is effective on them. Things have gotten easier as time has passed by. Things will keep changing and will be challenging as they get more mobile and inquisitive. Most things they are learning are natural and self taught, and I can only assist in smoothly transitioning them to the next stage of their life.

Sometimes I just sit and adore how much of a toddler they have become. They amaze me by their ability to understand, adapt and adjust ! And the biggest lesson of life they have taught me and are constantly refining is - patience! :)


  1. Yeah, those books never always apply (that doesn't sound like it makes sense). And what works for one person hardly ever seems to work for another person. Ot at least it might work for the other person but they just don't feel right doing it or something.

    We all just fumble around trying to be the best parent we can be!

  2. It's amazing how quickly they go from being totally helpless to trying to do things themselves. And I couldn't agree more about the books. I don't even read anything these days. Going with the flow and not putting expectations on anyone seems easier to me. When do you get back to the States?

  3. Lisa... we will be heading back next time this week! How time flies - it will be two months!