March 5, 2010

34 Weeks!!

34w1d today! And there is a lot to report!

I had an OB appointment on 03/03. We did the
GBS test. I haven't heard back from the doc (I need to follow up), but I guess since he didn't call back it is probably negative. Cervix was still closed! I have gained close to 50 lbs (including ~5 lbs of IVF wt)!!! It is gonna be fun to go back to the pre-pregnancy weight - but I guess anything for healthy and chunky babies! My OB does not measure fundal height (for twin PG) - but we did measure this time and I was measuring 42w! We discussed about HUAM and Procardia (see below).

I stopped monitoring on the HUAM (Wednesday, 03/03 was the last day). I used it for close to 9 weeks... it probably is one of the reasons that I could stay sane through the last 2 months! It was reassuring to see that I was not contracting-away beyond the threshold, and at the same time it alerted us enough to take action when required! Though we had now reached a point were the contractions were obviously increasing (I couldn't feel most of them)... it's but natural to be contracting significantly at 34w with twins (especially since it has been going on from end of 2nd trimester). Also, after 34w typically the docs will not stop labor, so it did not make sense to continue monitoring.

I reduced the medication (Procardia) as well... from 80 mg (20 mg every 6 hrs) to 60 mg (20 mg every 8 hrs)... and I will be dropping it further (gradually), and I will be completely off of it by 36w (assuming I reach that far)!

We had a growth scan today (03/05)... everything looked good. Our little boy weighed 5 lbs 1 oz (around 56% ...up from 35th% previously) and our little girl weighed 5 lbs 8 oz (around 66%). I feel so much more relieved after reaching 34 weeks and with these weight measurements!

NST and BPP continue every week for now. We are scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 37w6d! Though, my OB is thinking it is probably going to be earlier than that.

We installed the car seats today, and we will be getting them inspected tomorrow! The pediatrician that I had mentioned in my previous post... one of my friend (who gave birth recently) is going to the same ped, and she really liked the group... so that's a good thing! This weekend is going to be a major get things done weekend (of course by my parents and DH - while I lay around and give orders :P)!


  1. Congrats on making it to 34 weeks! They are both great sizes.

    Hang in there, and good luck!

  2. You are doing so well! 34 weeks is awesome and it must feel so good to be off the HUAM and dropping the meds. Good luck getting lots done this weekend!

  3. Fantastic my friend!! 34 weeks!! And everything looks great!! Really not long now until you hug your babies! I'm really curious about the names, but I suppose you'll reveal them after birth?
    Much love my friend,

  4. It is weird that us IFers are each getting ready for our babies... Omg our journeys are almost over!!! Sounds like you are doing just great too!!

  5. Woohoo to 34 weeks and big babies!!! And March 31st!!!

    BTW, still thanking you for that lucky GonalF!

  6. Wow- March 31st is my birthday- great day to be born on! Congrats on droppping the meds and reaching this point. We're almost done!!

    p.s. PJ has you and me confused (re: Gonal F)... in case you've been scratching your head wondering what she's talking about.

    Looking forward to birth days!

  7. Yup- your twins and my Ishka could be "triplets!" But as you can probably understand, I'm hoping to deliver at least a little bit early. I'm so done with pregnancy... bring on the baby! Even a couple of weeks early, this will be the best birthday present I've ever received.