March 17, 2010

Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project

There was an article on Yahoo titled...

Would you volunteer to eat school lunch every day to prove a point? This teacher did.

"...A teacher in Illinois is illustrating her concerns candidly on her own anonymous blog. I like to think of her as an undercover activist for the cause of feeding our children well -- or at least better. She is spending 2010 eating school lunch every day, documenting photos of the (let's be honest, sad-looking) food on her tray, providing some nutritional information, commenting on the taste, and detailing the not-so-pretty bellyaches she's had since beginning the project. It's all chronicled on her blog "Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project" and through Tweets...."

The ultimate goal of this IF blogosphere being attaining Motherhood... and with so many of the gals involved in the education system, I thought this article was worth posting!


  1. Hope you are holding up okay on bedrest! I know it must be a challenge a lot of the time but you just hang in there.

    I think the school lunches are pretty laughable sometimes but what's more depressing are the breakfasts they offered at the schools I have worked. Doughnuts, sugary cereals and rarely something healthy.