February 28, 2010


Still hanging on... had one small hospital visit (half day on 02/23) for monitoring and some fluids (IV), since I was going beyond the threshold on HUAM. Though I was not really feeling most of the contractions - so I didn't expect much. The docs did fFN again and it came back negative. Previous two NST & BPP were good.

My biggest concern for this week was - my OB was on vacation... and I really didn't want to deal with other doc if something were to happen. He is back in the office tomorrow, and I am hoping that I am not speaking too soon. I guess this is a risk you take for choosing a doctor who practices independently (and not in a group).

I forgot to mention this earlier, but we finalized on a Pediatrician. He was recommended by my OB and has some good reviews. I could not go speak with him in person, but we did speak on the phone and he seems to be nice. It is actually a group of 4 docs and they see their patients on weekends too in case of emergency.

I also wanted to thank you girls for the information and recommendations regarding breastfeeding. I am determined to BF and hoping that my body will cooperate!


  1. Oh sweetie!!! I so look forward to your updates, wow, 33 weeks already! Do you have a tentative date yet? Will you go natural or C/section? I'm not too sure how it works with twins!
    Thanks so much for your constant comments on my blog, I really appreciate it so so much. Will you post any pics of your belly? I'm so curious! and well done on all the checks, it's brilliant that everything is good. Much love, Fran

  2. Glad the babes are staying put for the time being. I know that keeps your mind somewhat at ease the longer they get to bake. They are going to hang in there and make all this bed rest worthwhile when they pop out fully 'cooked' and healthy as can be.

    Glad the OB is back and you can check that concern off your list of worries. You deserve a break from worry as much as possible these days.

    Keep on holding on and stay well! The time is almost here when you will snuggling those little ones and getting rid of the not-so-great side of pregnancy.

  3. How awesome that you made it past 33 weeks! Every day longer is such a good thing.

  4. So glad you updated! I was starting to wonder. I hope you have many more weeks before the babies decide to make their entrance.

  5. I glad you are finding joy in online shopping. Isn't it great?! I love Amazon too.