March 26, 2009

IUI – Almost Cycle # 2

I went in for day 3 b/w and u/s for this new cycle (early February 2009). I was positive and hopeful! There was 1 cyst on my left ovary. The doctor mentioned that if the cyst is not secreting any hormone (which would be detected in the b/w), we should be okay with starting a new cycle. The b/w was good; we could start the 2nd IUI cycle!!!

I started off with 75 IU of Follistim again (for the next 4 days). I had started to feel a little discomfort during these 4 days. I went in for day 7 b/w and u/s. I had more than 5 cysts each greater than 50 mm in my right ovary and a few small ones in my left ovary! My ovaries were almost double the size. The cycle had to be cancelled! I was disheartened!
Currently, I am towards the end of this “waiting” cycle. My ovaries have cramped once in a while and I have been tired at times… no other pains in this month! I am going for acupuncture once a week and have not really done any yoga this month (I am too afraid that my ovaries are the size of a football). Hopefully, I will get my AF naturally and the ovaries will be fine.

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