March 26, 2009

Fertility Diagnostic

The extra money that was going towards the insurance finally came to good (?) use. In October 2008, we started going to the RE. We have been fortunate enough to be living in a big city, where finding good doctors and other resources are not as difficult as it would have been had we been living in a remote hamlet!

During the initial blood work (b/w), my husband’s b/w result was great! My cholesterol and sugar was on the higher end of normal limit, which is commonly found in case of PCOS; my insulin was higher than the average that women my age have (but with in limit); there was an imbalance between my testosterone-estrogen-progesterone, fortunately my thyroid was normal; rest all looked okay. Initial ultrasound (u/s) showed several follicles (20+) in each ovary (no cysts). I had hoped that the 20 lbs that I had lost in past 1 yr would help me with all these PCOS related issues; however things didn’t quite change much (from my previous annual b/w)! is a good reference for hormone and fertility bloodwork levels:

My RE wanted me to start with Metformin which would help with the insulin and sugar levels, and testosterone, as well (PCOS & Metformin

In the mean while (during my diagnostic phase), my husband underwent semen analysis (SA), which revealed that he had a good sperm count, motility, volume; but a lower than average morphology. This, from what I have read, is very common since there are very strict requirements for the morphology if someone is undergoing fertility treatment. Had my condition been normal, the morphology would not have been as significant an issue as it is turning out to be with my PCOS. To me, since his sperm count was good, lower morphology was not as bad an issue as it would have been, had he had a bad sperm count with a bad morphology (example: 1 good in 100 versus 10,000 good in 1,000,000).

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