March 26, 2009

Family & Friends

We did not tell both sets of parents about our situation till we finished our diagnostic work. Things are so complicated and uncertain that it is hard to fathom the situation and the last thing we wanted to do was confuse and stress out our parents! Our parents have been supportive and that is very encouraging! We hope to please them with a grandchild (hopefully) sometime soon!

Only handful of my friends know about my fertility treatment. It is very difficult to really understand fertility issues unless you go through it and I have realized that not all the people I speak with about fertility, are able to digest it well! I personally expect (active) reciprocation back from the opposite person (when I am speaking with someone). I have gotten much closer to some of my friends due to the treatment and unfortunately drifted away from some. It is not that I am trying to disconnect and be selective, but I feel the need to protect myself (psychologically). If I feel that the opposite person in not comfortable hearing about the treatment or is not reciprocating well, I feel disconnected and insecure! I do not blame any of my friends for their reactions or behavior towards my treatment. This has been a great learning experience for us and it is unjust to expect someone else (not involved in the treatment) to understand (the process and the psych behind) it completely. has some great tips for such situations:

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