March 26, 2009

Acupuncture & Yoga

By the time I was wrapping up my diagnostic work, I had come across a lot of articles and forums about acupuncture ( and fertility. Acupuncture is supposed to increase the blood flow towards the reproductive organs, create a balance in your well being (by managing energy) and is also believed to be a stress reliever. It is recommended by most RE’s (my RE does, especially for IVF). At this point of time I was ready to try anything that would help. There are a lot of acupuncture centers around where I live… though it’s very difficult to find a place which is tried and tested! There is not much information available out there with reviews and experiences et al. I called up a few places and compared their information. One of my friends had tried acupuncture (not for fertility) and she had good things to say about the place, so I decided to go to the same center. I visited twice a week until my IUI, followed by the day before and right after the 2 insemination, and then once a week until my IUI results (that is the general norm) during the first cycle. Acupuncture can be pricey! It is not always covered under insurance (my insurance doesn’t cover it). Though the centers normally have some payment plans. The one I go to charges me $50 per visit (initial consultation is $125).

I was a little worried about the needle poking, but it turned out fine. Its normally just a small prick… though my acupuncturist did hit a bad spot close to my right toe and that area has been soar (to touch) ever since. We have been using an alternative spot (for that location) since then. The sessions last for around 45 minutes to an hour. I have felt very relaxed during and after the acupuncture session. It is hard to tell as to how well it is working towards the fertility treatment. My approach towards it is that, it is probably not going to harm me and it’s at least calming me down during/after the sessions… and less stress is always good during this stressful experience/period.

I had practiced Yoga when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. I decided to start it again a month before starting my IUI (I purchased Fertility Yoga by Monica Morell: It was very refreshing and I felt calmer and more in tone with my body once I started yoga. Buying a DVD and performing the mudras (posses) at home is a cheaper option than joining a yoga studio. And since I had performed yoga before, I knew most of the posses and it was just a matter of getting back to it. There is a lot of information available online as well. However, depending upon the phase of my cycle, I have had to stop it at times. Ovaries can twist (with the posses) when they are hyper stimulated with all the medication… and that’s just not worth it! Also, some of the posses are not supposed to be performed during the conception/implantation. Speak with your RE/nurse about Yoga during your medicated cycle/treatment.

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