October 3, 2009

An Update: OB, 12 Weeks, NT Scan…

Yes, I am 12 weeks 2 days today! Every week is a milestone and I am glad to have reached where I have! You girls have been the greatest support in the journey thus far – Thank you so much! This is going to be a pretty looong post. I haven’t quite posted much in the last 2.5 weeks and there is so much I want to say. I am going to try to keep it simple by putting up some bullet points! Here goes…

• I had my first OB appointment at 9W5D. We absolutely loved him (as mentioned before I was planning on changing my OB because my previous OB did not go to the hospital I wanted to go to… with twins, we definitely need access to a hospital with a level III NICU – I hope we never have to use it though). We spent around an hour + at the doctors office discussing our history, current status and all our options. He is very friendly, comforting, and as much as he has firm opinions about certain things, he is very open to listening to your concerns and discussing issues. I am very uncomfortable with doctors who won’t listen to you and will shove their decisions on you…. So far, I think this doctor is wonderful! My next appointment is at 13W5D.

• The doctor performed an u/s, but his machine was very old. Nevertheless, it was an u/s, we saw the babies and heard strong heartbeats! The doctor does not perform actual high def u/s at his clinic; I will be going to the hospital for u/s.

• I will be tested for gestational diabetes (GD) at my next OB appointment. My insulin has been at the higher end of normal range (PCOS!) and I was put on Metformin during the fertility treatment. Hopefully, I will pass the test. Depending upon how things go, I may be monitored more frequently.

• The OB discussed about vaginal vs. c-section deliveries for twins. Vaginal deliveries are possible for twins but things can change at last minute (as last minute as – one baby is out and the other baby moves and is in an unfavorable position). As much as I would love a natural birth, I think 95% we are going for a c-section!

• After my “scared” post – my cold lasted for around a week (reducing day by day)… I did not get any fever and the sore throat was very intermittent… fortunately, drinking warm water helped, I did not end up taking any other medications. Though, after the scare, speaking with my OB and going through several medical websites, I decided on taking the flu vaccine! And I will be getting vaccinated for H1N1 as well!

• With all the twin PG blogs I am following, most seem to have issues with their “cervix”. That is incompetent cervix is very common and most gals end up with a cerclage and bed rest. I was given an option (by the OB) to monitor the cervix every two weeks starting at 16W. I have to tell the OB if I choose to monitor - and of course my answer is yes! It also means that I will get to see the babies every two weeks starting at 16W.

• I had my NT Scan yesterday (12W1D)!!! From 9W5D to 12W1D was a very long haul! The last few days, I was very anxious and a complete nervous wreck… it was around 4 weeks since a proper u/s (last one at the RE) and I was praying hard that all readings would come out with in the normal range. But, I was a happy gal by the end of it! Things looked great, the babies measured 12W3D and 12W4D, with a heartbeat of 160 and 162. The NT measurements were below 1.4. Honestly, the technician was going so very fast that I lost track of the exact readings! The technician could not see any source of new bleeding. The babies were pretty active and we could see a few punches too! I hope the (associated) b/w results come out normal!

• I almost jumped with joy after the scan and my DH had to calm me down! We also did our first baby shopping on the same day! I have been so nervous all this while, that I needed to do something to overcome this immense fear and believe that this is really happening! We went and bought our first pair of baby clothes from Macy's. It is a
Carter’s Newborn Fleece Sleeper (cute little yellow ducklings). I also shed some (happy) tears after coming home while looking at our purchase - it was just overwhelming! I am starting to e-window shop for all the stuff that I would like to buy/have. I hope I am not starting to get over confident!

• We informed both sets of parents at around 6W. They are very excited! A few of my very close friends know about the PG, but we are still tight lipped over all! We will be telling a few more friends in the next couple of weeks, but overall… we are going to keep it undercover for as long as we can. I am not sure how to handle the congratulations and the PG talks! This still feels surreal and I still feel like anything can happen any time!

• I feel fat (5 lbs IVF + 7 lbs PG = 12 lbs)! But, after looking at all the other preggo (singleton/twin) bellies (around 12 weeks), I think I am starting to accept the fact that what I am seeing is not just fat - it’s a bump! :) We still haven’t taken any belly shots yet! (Though, I did mentioned to my DH that we should probably start taking belly shots and he was like "Baileys Shot?!" ...Men!) Staying undercover might not work for very long! But we will see!

• I realized that I haven't mentioned anything about my symptoms till now! I haven't thrown up even once! I have had intermittent nausea... but nothing extra ordinary! Though, I just can not stand any kind of meat! I am trying to load up on protein through milk, eggs and nuts! I am constantly hungry... I gained 7 lbs in the begining, but in the last 3 weeks, no matter how much I eat... I don't seem to put on any weight! Not gaining weight has never been an issue for me! :P I am constantly thirsty and consume any where between 3-5L of water in 24 hours! Out of which approx 2L is consumed at night (during the 3-5 pee breaks I have to get up for)! People talk about PG glow, I think I am going to be one of those who get "acne". Acne has been a problem for me (thanks to PCOS) previously, and it just doesn't seem to subside!


  1. Take the belly shots!!! You'll be glad you did later, even if you keep them to yourself. I was the same way, which is why we started at 9 weeks. Now I'm so glad we did then. Good luck with the GD test, and glad you love your OB!

  2. Congratulations! So happy things are going well for you!

  3. That is great. So glad the twins are doing well.

  4. Congrats on 12 weeks!

    I'm so glad you like your OB - it's such an important thing, I hate my OB, he doens't listen to me but I have no option of changing due to the hospital I want ot give birth at and how far along I was when we came home. I really think liking the guy who is going to see your babies safely into the world is so important!

    So glad everything is going well for you and the bubs :)

  5. Thanks for catching us up! I've been thinking about you.

    SO glad the NT scan went great and you've found an OB you like. It will be so much more comforting to have your cervix monitored... way less stress for you.

    YAY for baby purchases!!! :) They are SOOOO fun. Keep us updated, Missy!