October 23, 2009

GD Results

After some waiting, panicking, crying, waiting and some more waiting... finally I got the results today! I had to call the lab to make them fax the results to the OB, because I was not willing to wait over a week (as of tomorrow) for my results to reach the OB (in mail)... I guess I still expect my RE's fast service and coordination! So here it is...

Fasting (cut-off: 95 mg/dL) = Normal
1 Hour (cut-off: 180 mg/dL) = 118
2 Hour (cut-off: 155 mg/dL) = 190*
3 Hour (cut-off: 140 mg/dL) = 108

If two values are higher than the cut-off value, then the result is a "Gestational Diabetes" (GD). So according to my OB, my results were weird. I was normal all the way up to the 2nd hour test and then I spiked (190*). Since two of my results are not exceeding the cut-off, I am not classified as a GD patient, but when one of the results is abnormal (high), they treat the patient like they would a GD patient. Though, I can choose to start monitoring now... or wait till around 24-28 weeks, perform the 3 hour test again and then go from there. Being the obsessive compulsive IF that I am, we are going to start monitoring NOW! I called a diabetic center that the OB recommended and am waiting to hear back from them about my insurance acceptance et. al. But the idea is, assuming I can go to that center... I will be going in to see a nurse and a dietitian. I will be monitoring my blood glucose 4 times a day and will have to follow a diet recommended by them... and they will be testing me for some other stuff. My OB said, that GD normally does not cause any harmful effect on the baby or mom this early in the pregnancy, so there is nothing to panic about! So, lets see how things shape out from here. Thanks for all your comments and for following up on my results.

About our SUV hunt, we did test drive one and did like it... but we are looking at buying a 1-2 year old certified pre-owned (CPO)... so we need to look out for some good deals. I just don't see a point in buying a brand new car and loosing 5-10k on it as soon as we drive out of the dealers parking lot! So it will be a few months before a car lands in our drive way!


Insurance Update:
So, it seems my insurance covers the consultation with the nurse but not the dietitian part! They would have covered it had I been a real diabetic! If I want to pursue this further, I need to appeal to the insurance company... which every one knows is a waste of time... It takes 2-3 weeks for them to acknowledge the receipt of your appeal after which they will move ahead with whatever steps they need to take (with no guarantees). What is the point of an appeal if half the time of the remaining ~20 weeks (hopefully) of this pregnancy are gone in these legal matters? I plan on speaking with my OB and will see if there is a way to work around this. Our other options are to suck it up and pay some $700-800 of the consultation fees with this diabetic center... or seek another cheaper dietitian outside the center... I have spoken to one that I like. We will be making a decision about the dietitian early next week after speaking to the OB and the diabetic center nurse (the appointment is on Monday, October 26th)! I don't wish to take this lightly... diabetes runs in my family and with PCOS, I am at a higher risk of having a proper GD!


  1. Sorry you have to monitor...you are going to get SO tired of sticking your finger 4 times a day. Maybe if you see normal results for a period of time you could knock it down to 3 or 2x per day...but always better safe than sorry! I can totally understand choosing to monitor rather than wait.

  2. I wish you had a complete answer but I agree that you are better to err on the side of caution and get monitored starting now. I am sorry you are having to go through this even though I know it will help you and the babies throughout the pregnancy.

    Hang in there!

  3. Insurance companies stink. I am sorry that yours is being a pain with dealing with the dietician.

    What SUV are you considering? We've narrowed our decision down to a Pilot, Explorer, or a (gasp) Sienna minivan. We have two big dogs, so we needed a bigger option to haul every member of our growing family.