October 15, 2009

14 Weeks Today!

Yesterday was my second OB appointment at 13W6D. Each passing day makes me a little bit more comfortable with the idea that I am PG... I guess I am just a worrier! Not much has happened in the last 2 weeks, though time sure is flying by!

A summary of the OB visit: NT scan results came back as 1 in 4,200… so the chances of having a baby with DS are pretty low and we won’t be testing any more. My TSH levels have dropped to 0.9 (from 3.6) and the OB decided to redo the b/w to see what is going on. If the levels are still low, I will be stopping my TSH medication (Levothyroxine) and we will be monitoring the levels. I was tested for Gestational Diabetes and am awaiting the results. I hope I don’t have to deal with GD! If the results are negative, I will be tested directly at 28 weeks.

Ultrasounds: I scheduled for the cervical check u/s! The first one will be at 16W1D and will continue thereafter through the pregnancy (every 2 weeks). I am glad that I will get to see the babies so frequently… hopefully that will reduce my anxiety! I also scheduled for our anatomy scan. We will know the sexes a day before Thanksgiving (November 25th at 19W6D)! Besides figuring out a day before the holidays, I am also hoping that I can get some good Thanksgiving deals. I am not very big on sticking to pinks and/or blue, but I would definitely like to have a tinge of it in the decor and clothing. Our spare bedroom is colored blue (by the previous owners)… we might not do anything if it is 2 boys… but it if is 2 girls or a girl/boy combination, we probably will repaint and make it neutral.

I can’t get myself to start shopping yet, but we definitely have been trying to narrow down on the items we need to get. We are planning on test driving a SUV this weekend (I am reluctant to become a minivan driving soccer mom… let’s see how far I can hold up on that! :)), so we can at least make up our mind as to what we want to get. We currently share a 2 door car and that is definitely not going to work (space + safety)… so we have to buy a car before the babies arrive. I have looked at all cars (of course online) of all shapes and sizes and prices over the last 2 years (and have probably mentally owned each one of them), but have kept on delaying on buying one… it was that one thing we wanted to wait till we figured out that we were PG.

We told a few more friends yesterday! And we also told my Grandma! She was on cloud nine after hearing the news… she told my Mom that she felt like dancing (She is almost 80 and has trouble walking!) :) I hope she gets to see her first great grand kids and can spend some memorable time with them as they grow.


  1. Congrats on successful OB visits and continued peace in your pregnancy.

    I am a mini-van mom and I NEVER would have thought I would be. When you are shopping, just check out a mini-van in your SUV hunt. I think it is so convenient to be able to easily climb from front to back when you stop or park...especially when your little ones are babies. I still use that convenience all the time when it rains. I just climb right in to get the little one buckled in and then jump up front. I stay dry, he stays dry and you can't beat that. There are loads of situations that we have really appreciated all the extra space we have with the mini-van over an SUV as well.

    Happy hunting!

  2. I drive a Honda CR-V and can wholly recommend it. It's roomy, affordable, safe, and gets great gas mileage (compared to other SUVs and sedans). And if you find out you're having boy(s), it comes in a nice baby-blue-ish color. :)

  3. Congrats on 14 weeks! Good luck with SUV hunting and glucose testing. Sounds like an exciting weekend! :)

  4. How exciting for you! I remember when we were expecting the twins (they are now 6) and we were about this far along in the pregnancy, this was starting to be super exciting. We knew we were having two of whichever gender )only one embryo implanted. Seriously, such an exciting time! My fingers are crossed for your family!