August 8, 2009

Beta # 2

Beta # 2 is 499. As per, the rise is 147% and the values for beta # 1 and beta # 2 are higher than the high for a singleton pregnancy. According to the, beta # 2 is well above the median for twin pregnancy. I wonder what is going on in there! I was looking at, and it seems high HCG is attributed to multiples (quite obvious) or a molar pregnancy! There are several posts online which direct high HCG levels (with a singleton) to Downs Syndrome! I hope I am just reading way too much in to it and hope everything is healthy in there. IF just doesn’t let you stop worrying! We are keeping our fingers crossed!

We will be going for the 3rd beta and 1st u/s on Friday, August 14, 2009. I will be continuing with my acupuncture once a week (as of now). PIO continues and the Metformin has stopped (as of now)! I have been POAS at least every other day and can’t seem to stop myself from doing it!

Thank you all for the kind words and for all the well wishes! Oh yes, and thank you to MiraclesDHappen, Queen D and Katie for the One Lovely Blog Award again! :) MiraclesDHappen and Queen D are working towards their dream and Katie just figured out that they are having twins! Do stop by their blogs and wish them luck!


  1. You ARE reading too much into things- don't drive yourself too crazy, b/c you'll need to do that when you find out you are having TWINS. You transfered two living embryos into your uterus. Those high betas are just telling you that both lovely embyros stuck! (Or maybe one split and you are having triplets) I am so glad that you had a good rise. Oh, and I think you need to cancel your WTF appt on the 13th- and take it off of your sidebar! :)

  2. how many embies did they transfer? i would say a multiple pregnancy...molar pregnancies tend to have a lot higher doubling rate...i had a friend that was at 5000 at her first beta.

  3. Congrats!Your numbers were like mines...I'm praying that we both have healthy miracles....Your post about Downs Syndrome kind of made me take a deep breath...but we know that it is in God's hands.

  4. Congratulations! Don't read too much into the charts -- according to my betas, I should have been carrying extreme higher order multiples instead of "just" twins.

    Good luck at the next appointment!

  5. You are definitely reading too much into it! Your numberare just fabulous and definitely not as high as to make you think of a molar pregnacy or a baby with Down syndrome, I promise! Lots of love, Fran