September 17, 2011

The Sippy Saga!

RT is a very-very fussy eater. And along with diarrhea, cold, teething... I wasn't sure when I was going to get them both to give up their milk bottle (Baabaa). Then one fine day (Friday, Sept 9), enough was enough... and I just decided to give them the straw-sippy for milk (they have been drinking water from straw-sippy for a couple of months now).

The first time they were not really pleased. But, RM sucked it up (drank the milk in real sense). RM fussed a couple of times for the next few days, but then eventually had his milk. He seems to be doing fine with straw-sippy for milk (now).

RT took a week to be willing to accept the sippy. She used to push/throw the sippy cup and wanted nothing to do with it. Lack of milk and (below-average) food consumption through the day time, didn't really let my heart take the bottle before bed away from them (she is a smarty, and may be that prolonged the transition). We had decided that we were going cold turkey and taking the night time bottle away too by Thursday (if she hadn't already switched). Anyhow, Wednesday dawns and there came a "cold" (lots of runny nose and miserable little RT). Daddy was working from home that day, so he offered her the bottle to get her through the cranky day. I didn't want her to associate the bottle with me any more. Then, Thursday was a day of either a TIPPING POINT for her or a BREAKING POINT for Mommy. Three bites of rice cereal breakfast, followed by 1.5 oz milk, and four bites of chicken for lunch... that's all RT had till 0300 pm (along with a semi-runny nose). I was about to break down and give her the bottle... and bam! She finished 5 oz of milk from her straw-sippy! She has willingly taken 2 oz and 6 oz of milk after that (on Friday).

I hope this continues and I can report a bottle free household at their 18 month birthday (I am hoping that I am not speaking too soon).


  1. Ah the mind power! RT seems like a real fighter, but I'm glad Mommy won the battle!

  2. Good luck! It took my two time to get used to it too.

  3. Woohoo! After a brief bottle-free spell, you can give the kids (not babies any more!) the old bottles to play with. Charlotte loves feeding her stuffed animals and dolls, and doesn't seem to remember that the bottles were once hers.

    Time is FLYING. You're so right about that! It scares me sometimes to think about how much has happened in seemingly little time, and how much more will happen in just a few short years before our little ones are all grown up and living their own lives. Isn't it fun, though? :-)